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EC Wear: Convenient Clothes for Elimination Communication: 3 Best EC Cloth Pants


EC Wear was Created and Developed by Marija, who lives in New York. She wanted a range of clothes for families practicing elimination communication that were practical, stylish and pretty as well as ethically produced.

elimination communication clothes

Here are 3 of my top picks to check out when you visit EC Wear:


L’il Baby Chaps Pants for Elimination Communication

These pants are designed to keep baby’s legs warm. They may be nakey – bum, wear a nappy or diaper over or under the pants for puddle prevention – baby can stay warm during changes! Best of all, they can stay on through several diaper or nappy changes as they are more difficult to get wet! Made of cotton or fleece.

elimination communication clothes


Re-Ewes Split Pants for Elimination Communication

Re-Ewes Split Pants are eco-friendly split crotch pants made from recycled sweaters or jumpers from yard sales / garage sales and thrift stores / op shops.  These wool baby pants are terrific for elimination communication, keeping your baby warm during diaper-free time for baby and caregiver to gain awareness of elimination patterns. They can be used very effectively as a pre-fold belt in which baby has warm legs as well. Very Clever!

elimination communication clothes

Mama Roo Split Pants for Elimination Communication

The overlapping design of these split crotch pants will help absorb some of the wetness of EC misses. The pants overlap your baby on the back and belly, and the design allows you to adjust the waistband size as your baby grows. At the overlap, the pants are held together with a diaper-pin. The waist can be completely opened in the case of a miss, however the elastic waist also allows you to leave the pin intact when pulling the pants off the baby. When baby is held with the legs closed, the pants cover baby’s leaky parts, when the baby is held in the EC position the pants open appropriately.

elimination communication clothes


Visit EC Wear: Convenient Clothes for Elimination Communication

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