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Part Time Elimination Communication: Can YOU Do it?

Part Time Elimination Communication means… flexibility. Helping your baby to  use a baby potty or to ‘toilet’ is great fun!

You Can Do EC!

How and when to start varies with each family. It means different things when your baby is a tiny newborn to when they are crawling, to when they are toddlers.

Elimination Communication pottyElimination Communication is often described as an early start to potty training or ‘toilet training your baby’ but it is really a gradual and natural alternative way of caring for your baby’s hygiene needs, and guess what? You can do it part time, use nappies more casually…

NOW is the best time to start – when you have learnt about this different form of natural toilet learning.

Part Time Nappy or Diaper Free means… using nappies with your baby – but not ALL of the time, not 24/7 for year after year. YES! – you’ll still use diapers – they catch accidents between potty visits – BUT you’ll be using nappies as a tool, not as an essential item.

Then one day you realise you don’t need them anymore – no more nappy changing – only quality time with your little one.

Practicing elimination communication means different things from one day to the next, one month to the next… you’ll need to be able to adapt – you can be flexible, can’t you?

Of course you can – if you can be flexible, you can practice EC – the ancient art of Elimination Communication, often described as Natural Infant Hygiene or Infant Potty Training. EC is something you ‘practice’ daily – an ongoing activity, not something you are perfect at straight away, or ever really – as it isn’t about perfection at all – it is about the opportunity for baby to relieve themselves somewhere other than their clothes, and the communication and bond this develops between you. All sorts of families are enjoying it with their babies:

The difference between struggling to hold my baby while changing his nappy and holding him nice and close while he sits on the potty is huge… I feel like I listen to him more and ask questions, expecting to get a response in a way I wouldn’t really have expected before. I like that he is an active part of his eliminating in a positive way and not just lying there while I clean up the “mess” he’s made.”

Sunshine, mother of 3 children, ages 6, 3 (both conventionally toilet trained) and 9 months (practicing Elimination Communication from birth)

Families all over the world and throughout time have used this gentle way of helping baby to stay clean and dry as much as they can (yes, not all the time), and more importantly, they enjoy the communication with their pre-verbal little baby, the insight into their world this window can open up – it is why people get hooked when they take the plunge and have a go!

Being part time nappy or diaper free is about the communication with your baby, NOT about early toilet training. Again – it is NOT about early toilet training – that is something different. EC is about the bond between parents and baby / toddler, developing your relationship into new areas of understanding.

Yes, practicing EC CAN mean your toddler achieves earlier independence, but it is not a given, as EC is about their personal journey – and many things in life can ‘happen’ and fluff around with that journey.

Meanwhile you will likely use far less nappies / diapers than their peers, which is great for your budget, the environment and your washing load.

Like any option, of course, if it doesn’t interest you – don’t do it! People practicing EC see it as a bond with their babies, not a competition to independence, not a way of being better – it is simply better for them.

… Perhaps it will be for your family as well?

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Discover More about My Elimination Communication eBook…

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