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Toilet Training Your Baby – Your Part Time EC eBook

Toilet Training Your Baby eBook

You’re looking for an eBook to discover all you need to know about toilet training your baby?

Toilet training your baby is also known as Elimination Communication, having a Diaper Free Baby or going nappy free.

I did elimination communication with my baby from the day he was born. It is a learning curve for sure, yet over time you get better at it, and in between your baby wears nappies or diapers, so no worry about mess everywhere. Toilet training your baby is a gentle practice focused on communicating with and mostly being responsive to your baby. With a newborn or new baby it is really helpful to offer a potty break  when they are fussy – often they just needed to go to the toilet! You use a bowl or bucket to start with until they can sit on a potty with your help a bit later. It is a very cooperative practice.

In my eBook on EC, called ‘Part Time EC: A Personal Guide to Developing Your Elimination Communication Confidence’ you’ll find over 220 pages of resources, including:

  • Discover tips + strategies for how to get started with toilet training your baby
  • Find expert help for solving problems with toilet training your baby
  • Discover the best resources online for toilet training your baby
  • Find recommended stores and equipment to help you with toilet training your baby
  • Learn about the most helpful eBooks, books + DVD’s for toilet training your baby.


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Over 220 pages of resources will be yours. Discover all you need to know about toilet training for babies and start your journey into EC today…

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