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Using Self Hypnosis for an Easier Birth

Hypnosis for birth

A birth without fear is possible.

Our baby was born without that over riding sense of fear which characterises talk of babies. I used relaxation, visualisation and a positive approach. In this way I managed to have a lack of fear of birth – I had an uncomfortable work out – after all, passing a human being through our pelvis IS uncomfortable – we don’t do it every day! I didn’t have ‘pain’ until they stuck in a catheter afterwards – YOUCH! It was very hard work, however, I was quite sweaty!! Would I do it this way again? Absolutely, I will prepare the same way next time.

What’s ‘Hypnosis for Birth’ About, then?

This section is about using resources of relaxation, visualisation, positive thinking and avoiding negative information, thinking and stories to achieve as close as possible to a pleasant birth.

A mind-led approach?

Using hypnosis is a mind-led approach to having a baby, rather than the usual fear-led approach programmed into us by culture, media and years of ‘horror’ stories!

I used a program called “hypbirth” People are obviously curious about it, so I have written this section.

l also hope to provide an insight into the journey of information I explored as I researched about this concept – milestones of info that I found useful or helpful as I prepared using this idea, plus info I found later that would have helped me even further had I known of it. They are a starting point for finding out more information if you find it an intriguing idea, on your own unique journey.

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Hypnosis for birth…

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