Have You Discovered Your Elimination Communication Confidence?

Elimination Communication: Baby Pottying

Elimination Communication: Baby Pottying Our ‘Nappy (or Diaper) Free Baby’

Using Nappies Part Time While Practicing The Ancient Art Of Elimination Communication I Drastically Reduced My Use Of Nappies Within Four Months.

From then on we used diapers minimally, as a tool, not an essential, as we were regularly pottying our baby…

It is Elimination Communication: You Can Do It Too!

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Over the first two years of my baby’s life we saved heaps of money and experienced a wonderful connection with our baby through Elimination Communication.

What is Elimination communication?

In a nutshell, Elimination Communication is about the Communication.

With Elimination Communication we help the baby stay clean and dry until they gain independence in their own time, at their own pace – gradually. Is it a better way? No, it is another way of addressing a baby’s hygiene needs over full time use of nappies and changing dirty nappies for years. A parenting option… One you might like to explore more?

The Secret Love Of ‘EC’ing’ Parents Is The Amazing Enhancement Of Bonding And Communication Experienced As You Fine Tune Your Awareness Of Baby Over Time.

  • Elimination communication is about helping your baby to go ‘to the toilet’ somewhere other than a nappy, some of the time, then more of the time as they grow!
  • Elimination communication is about learning to observe baby’s bodily rhythms, body language and practicing responding in such a way that your connection is enhanced, benefiting your whole relationship.
  • Elimination communication is about sometimes anticipating the needs of a pre-verbal human being and experiencing their joy that you understand them. We strive to improve our bond.
  • Elimination communication is about gently supporting their instinctual awareness of their body and attempting to understand them, and helping them feel ‘relieved’.
  • Elimination communication is about using nappies as a tool rather than a necessity.
  • Elimination communication is about reducing the ‘ecological footprint’ of waste generated by a brand new human.
  • Elimination communication is about enhancing your connection and understanding of your baby’s needs – often into other areas of their care, and this is really empowering!
  • Elimination communication is not toilet training, it is not ‘coercive’ nor is it impossible! It is gentle and responsive, or it is not EC. YOU can do it!

Discover More about My Elimination Communication eBook…

Elimination Communication (EC) is fun each and every day

It is heaps of fun to realise how extra smart babies really are. It is rewarding to interact daily in such a positive way. It is also really cool to ‘talk’ non-verbally with my baby and to have another way to respond to his needs. “Catching” pees and more, is such fun – beats nappy changing by far. Many people are scared of a naked baby peeing on them – we aren’t, as we trust the communication we now have with Maven. He’ll pitch a fit before peeing on us. The best part is sleeping happily with a naked baby between us!

Elimination Communication: Stepping into a larger world

Once you’ve communicated with your little babe and helped baby to ‘relieve’ him or herself, and have seen their relief about it, you’ve taken your first step into a larger world. It is a journey with twists and turns and great rewards.

It is also fantastic to not have to change a poopy baby – we do so quite rarely. It IS possible, fun, hygienic and practical. There are ways to adapt to every lifestyle. We celebrate every pee that goes down the toilet, even now – after all, that is where it belongs, right? I am constantly amazed at what we learn and how we improve our teamwork all the time. The phrase “Once your consciousness has been raised, it cannot be lowered” sums it up well really.

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There is a way between naked and nappies – it is elimination communication.

Preparing For EC With Your Baby…

– About ‘Preparing For EC With Your Baby’, one of the unique guides you’ll receive with my Part Time EC eBook. 10 key tips for getting started and organised to practice ec with your baby…

Baby-Led Pottying: Helping Baby to Communication Before They Can Speak to You…

– About ‘Baby Led Pottying’, one of the unique guides you’ll receive with my Part Time EC eBook. Simple strategies to help guide your baby to communicate their potty needs.

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Tips for Travelling When Practicing Elimination Communication…

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Adventures in Elimination Communication

– Elimination Communication Stories: Gain valuable, reassuring insights from the EC journey of other parents just like you…

Explore More Aspects of Elimination Communication…

– Sharing my personal experiences during the discovery of Elimination Communication with my first son from birth.

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Elimination Communication and Other Potty Training Books, CD and DVD Resources:

Discover More about My Elimination Communication eBook…

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Think of EC as another skill you can learn, another baby care option. Does this appeal to you?

Download my Free Guide for getting started with Elimination Communication: The 7 Secrets

Elimination Communication is a truly baby-led approach to baby hygiene that results in a massive reduction in reliance on nappies over many months, in fact two years. So, yes, it is a gradual process – not a sprint to the finish!

Investing the time is very worthwhile for the many benefits it offers you and your baby. Imagine only seldom changing a poopy nappy – that is what EC meant for us – and I am SO GLAD we raised our baby this way!! Changing nappies or diapers soon became a thing of the past. Wet things were easy to chuck in the washing.


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