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Looking for EC Stores? Finding Elimination Communication Stores, Supplies, Books and More Resources…

Looking for Elimination Communication Stores? Clothing, Books and Forums…

There are lots of EC Stores online offering you quality elimination communication clothes.

Looking for Elimination Communication Supplies? Start Here:

My directory of Elimination Communication Stores design and make, or offer specialist clothing and EC gear to visitors. Have a browse and get inspired!

Visit the Tribal Baby Directory of EC Stores

There are now many types of EC clothing available to add to your convenience – designed and made by parents who have practiced EC, so they know what you need for easier potty breaks and puddle prevention! Special potties too.

Download my Free Guide for getting started with Elimination Communication: The 7 Secrets

Elimination Communication is a truly baby-led approach to hygiene that results in a massive reduction in reliance on diapers or nappies over many months, in fact two years. So, yes, it is a gradual process – not a sprint to the finish!

Investing the time is very worthwhile for the many benefits it offers you and your baby. Imagine only seldom changing a poopy diaper – that is what EC meant for us – and I am SO GLAD we raised our baby this way!! Changing nappies or diapers soon became a thing of the past. Wet things were easy to chuck in the washing. Poos went in the loo with EC.

Elimination Communication Forums:

Find an elimination communication forum that is right for you. Firstly read  through my tips for getting the most out of an elimination communication forum


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