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Diaper Free Baby

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Elimination Communication eBook

You’re looking for an eBook to discover all you need to know about having a Diaper Free Baby?

Having a Diaper Free Baby is also known as EC, Elimination Communication or going nappy free.

I have  practiced the technique known as toilet training from birth since my two sons were born. It is a gentle, nurturing and responsive practice otherwise known as elimination communication. I have found it very enjoyable and in fact inspiring and so have bundled all my knowledge together into an eBook to help you and other parents find out all you need to know on the subject of toilet training a baby from birth.

In my eBook on EC, called ‘Part Time EC: A Personal Guide to Developing Your Elimination Communication Confidence’ you’ll find 230 pages of resources, including:

  • Discover tips + strategies for how to get started with your Diaper Free Baby
  • Find expert help for solving problems with having a Diaper Free Baby
  • Discover the best Diaper Free Baby resources
  • Find recommended stores and equipment to help you with your Diaper Free Baby
  • Learn about the most helpful Diaper Free Baby eBooks, books + DVD’s.

Simply click through to obtain your copy of my Diaper Free Baby ebook on part time EC:

Discover More about My eBook on having a ‘Diaper Free Baby’:

‘Part Time EC: A Personal Guide to Developing Your Elimination Communication Confidence’

230 pages of resources will be yours. Discover all you need to know about the Diaper Free Baby and start your journey into EC today…

Elimination Communication is a cumbersome term for a simple concept: helping your baby to pee in a potty from their early days to give them comfort and a clean diaper – at least some of the time!

– Charndra Josling

P.S. I sincerely hope that this book will encourage you to increase your confidence in your communication with your baby. I also believe that you will discover many creative ideas and clever insights through this eBook. The introductory section is available as a free download; over 2500 people have enjoyed that part already. It will help you.


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Discover Elimination Communication, or ‘EC’…

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Infant potty training is another of the terms used by parents like you wanting to find out more about Elimination Communication. It’s a gentle, responsive alternative to full time nappies or diapers that will help you to use less nappies on your baby as you help them to communicate their needs to you. It’s a traditional technique used around the world, and was common even a couple of generations ago.

You can discover how to do Infant potty training with the eBook ‘Part Time Nappy Free’, which offers over 220 pages of resources, tips, strategies and helpful ideas to find the way to use EC in your family.

Yes, you can do infant potty training. Give it a go today!

Discover More about My Ebook about’ Baby Pottying‘:

‘Part Time EC: A Personal Guide to Developing Your Elimination Communication Confidence’


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Discover More about My Elimination Communication eBook…

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