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Infant Potty Training: Elimination Communication Stories for Mothers

Infant Potty Training: Elimination Communication Stories

You’re looking for stories for mothers to discover all you need to know about Infant Potty Training?

Infant Potty Training is also known as EC, elimination communication, having a diaper free baby or toilet training your baby.

A popular section of Tribal Baby is called Adventures in Elimination Communication, or Part Time Baby Pottying.

Parents practicing elimination communication are sharing their stories with you in their own words in this section of Tribal Baby…

Adventures in Elimination Communication:

Laurie and her 3rd son, from the United States…

“Some of the caregivers were willing to potty him while others didn’t take the time and put him in diapers. In short, there were times where I was away when no one pottied him. Upon my return, we had no problem picking up where we had left off. It did not jeopardize his progress to stop for a few days. While I would not recommend anyone purposefully stopping for no particular reason, it is good to know that a break does not automatically spell doom.”

Read through a range of stories written for mothers about elimination communication or infant potty training…

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The most important thing about Infant Potty Training is that no-one can give advice about it unless they have practiced it themselves, it is such an experience based activity. Ignore the ‘rantings’ from people who have ‘heard’ this or that – those are opinions based on lack of experience. Form your own opinions! (Have your own fun…) Learn from the experts – the mothers and their babies! Then discover EC with YOUR baby…

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Elimination Communication is a cumbersome term for a simple concept: helping your baby to pee in a potty from their early days to give them comfort and a clean diaper – at least some of the time!

– Charndra Josling

P.S. I sincerely hope that this book will encourage you to increase your confidence in your communication with your baby. I also believe that you will discover many creative ideas and clever insights through this eBook. The introductory section is available as a free download; over 2500 people have enjoyed that part already. It will help you too.



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