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Potty Training a Baby – Your Part Time EC eBook

Potty Training a Baby eBook

Elimination Communication eBookYou’re looking for an eBook to discover all you need to know about Potty Training a Baby?

Potty Training a Baby is also known as EC, having a Diaper Free Baby or going nappy free.

What is Elimination Communication, Anyway?

Well, basically EC – Elimination Communication, is a co-operative process between us –Mum, Dad and Bubsie, in which we help baby to go to the toilet outside of a nappy.

You learn together – gradually – to recognise, and respond to, the signs that means baby needs to go. As you help them, you learn a lot about each other. It is great fun getting it right, and seeing baby is clearly so happy that they were understood, and relieved! They begin to expect to be helped, and so their signals get clearer and they grow stronger.

Elimination Communication ISN’T removing the nappy and then freaking out at mess everywhere. Nappies are integral to helping us and giving a break of course.

Nappies are used between pee-breaks, staying dry for longer periods of time, until they aren’t needed any more. This can happen at any age really. Plenty of folks use nappy as backup the entire time until 18 months or two years, others ditch them quite early, or use them though different developmental stages, such as when crawling or walking starts.

Babies instincts are strongest until about 5-6 months, when they begin to fade and they learn to go into their nappy. Plenty of people start later, too, before the baby becomes mobile helps.

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