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Starting Elimination Communication: The THRILL of the FIRST CATCH!


Starting Elimination Communication: Those first catches are so exciting!

Read about how I started elimination communication: my first catch

Going part time nappy free with tiny Maven – one and a half days old!

Maven was about a day and a half old. I woke up in the hospital and it was a quiet morning. He was sleeping beside me in our bed, a beautiful peaceful face. I knew first thing in the morning was a PRIME TIME for a wee, so heart racing, I waited for him to rouse, no doubt thinking random baby-brain thoughts I can’t recall! In another first which I wouldn’t actually recognise for some time, just me waking triggers him to rouse – is it a change in my breathing, him sensing the mental activity, some pheromonal trigger?? whichever it was, he began wriggling and opened his dark eyes to see me.

I unwrapped him and removed his nappy – a paper nappy which seemed to be dry. I got up, and making sure the curtains were drawn and no- one was coming(!!), I held him gingerly over the sink in the ‘squat’ position, ever so carefully supporting him against my body; he seemed so ungainly. I whispered ‘sss sss’ near his ear and waited, wondering…

HE WEED! It went all over the sink, even on the nappy sitting on the edge. I WAS THRILLED. I was smiling like a loon, I’d ‘caught’ my first wee! I couldn’t wait for my hubby to arrive to tell him about it. I rinsed the sink and binned the nappy – it was now wet…

Meanwhile, Maven was relaxed as if it were the most natural thing in the world, and we went back to our bed, put an a dry nappy and had a breastfeed. My heart, however, was still pounding!

Charndra in Australia

Read More Stories of ‘First Catches’ here to see how other parents have begun to do elimination communication.

Notice how people start elimination communication in many different ways at a variety of ages. Notice how everyone starts slowly – observing and then experimenting with how to fit some elimination communication into their daily lives. Feel their excitement!!

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Elimination Communication is a cumbersome term for a simple concept: helping your baby to pee in a potty from their early days to give them comfort and a clean diaper – at least some of the time!

– Charndra Josling


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Discover More about My Elimination Communication eBook…

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One Response to “Starting Elimination Communication: The THRILL of the FIRST CATCH!”

  1. beth c says:

    such a wonderful story!! i had read about ec before my son was born but was too scared to try it out and ended up just using cue sounds whenever he went potty and eventually he started using them too, and now he will let me know frequently when he needs to go, or will just go as he is diaper-free much of the time! it’s so fun seeing him get on his little potty all by himself and go!! (he is 20 months old now) thanks for the wonderful info & inspiration!! i will definitely be ec’ing with our next kiddo from the get-go! 🙂

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