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Use Self Hypnosis for an Easier Birth

You Can Use the Skills of Self Hypnosis for an Easier Birth

Let’s Consider How Theories of Managing Childbirth Have Changed, Perhaps Leading to More Pain in Childbirth, Before Discovering That They Key To an Easier Birth is in Using Self Hypnosis…

The theories around childbirth have changed dramatically over the centuries. Like all the females of the animal species, woman was born with the instinct and capability of creating a nesting area, and giving birth naturally. This has been written about, studied and shown in films often as primitive man’s way, Native American way and up through the 19th century, women had little pain killers, or outside “influences” affecting childbirth.

Unnatural Positions and Interventions = Longer Labours and Discomfort

Somewhere in the 20th century, midwives and doctors alike, began trying to ease pain, put women in unnatural flat, prone positions for birth; and even the Victorian modesty issues somehow got involved and giving birth became a bit of a torture for some women (behind closed doors). Perhaps as human beings started eating more manufactured, processed, sugary foods, and increased in girth, babies’ size was not always in proper proportion to the mother, causing longer labors and discomfort.

Natural Childbirth With Self Hypnosis

In the early 1900s through the 1950s, it was not uncommon for a woman to be “knocked out” or “put under” during the whole birth and wasn’t even aware what sex baby she had for hours until she “awoke.” Thank goodness for the 1960s that with the advent of natural things, make love not war attitude, women again started thinking for themselves. If they wanted to try natural childbirth, they spoke up and did it. Even if they weren’t 100% successful, things did return the power back to the mother.

Today, there is a resurgence toward natural childbirth with self-hypnosis, and using a relaxed, controlled method of labor where the mother engages in self-awareness, oneness with her child through mental and verbal communication, and much pain is eliminating naturally, as her fore-mothers did.

It is not the hypnosis techniques of stage performers and psychiatrists putting people in trances they don’t remember after a snap of the fingers. It is something the expectant mother has practiced through the stages of pregnancy, and through positive suggestions, soothing calming words, gentle breathing exercises, can be totally and completely relaxed, with as supple a body as possible to help the baby travel the road to birth.

Trust in Yourself and Gain a More Joyful Experience!

There must be trust in themselves, and not so much a disassociation from pain and surroundings, but a break-away from stigmas and myths surrounding childbirth. The end result will be a happier baby and mother; a more joyful experience, possibly employing assistance from aromatherapy and visualizations.

Self Hypnosis for Birth

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Hypnosis for Birth: Using Knowledge, Relaxation, Breathing and Practice…Practice…Practice!

A birth without fear is possible, minimising any pain. Discover how your baby can be born without fear, by use of relaxation, visualisation and a positive approach. Make your pregnancy fun and exciting… use hypnosis for birth.

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