Have You Discovered Your Elimination Communication Confidence?

Baby-Led Pottying: Helping Baby to Communication Before They Can Speak to You…

Baby-Led Pottying: Discover How to Encourage Voluntary Signals From Baby

About Baby Led Pottying: Co-operative Learning – How You Can Help Your Baby to Communicate Their Potty Needs by Fostering Non-Verbal Gestures and Signals. It’s Actually Quite Simple.

“Nothing has such power to broaden the mind as the ability to investigate systematically and truly all that comes under thy observation in life.” Marcus Aurelius

One of the big questions about EC we ask ourselves at a certain point in the journey is about the transition to independence. How can we help baby?

  • Discover how using and responding to simple gestures can give you enhanced communication about your baby’s EC needs.

What is Baby-Led Pottying?

In a nutshell, baby-led pottying is the next step in your Elimination Communication journey, when you see that your baby is ready to discover non-verbal, yet voluntary ways of communicating their need to go to the loo.

What is Baby-Led Pottying Practice?

Baby-Led Pottying Practice is those times when you are focussed on your EC connection with your baby, when you are in-tune with fostering your EC senses and helping your baby’s gradual toilet learning.
Simply, it’s when you are helping your baby discover how to voluntarily signal their elimination needs.

Baby-Led Pottying: Helping Baby to Communication Before They Can Speak to You…

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