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Hypnosis for Birth: Using Knowledge, Relaxation, Breathing and Practice…Practice…Practice For a Fear Less Birth…

birth-hypnosisA birth without fear is possible, minimising any pain. Our baby was born without fear, by use of relaxation, visualisation and a positive approach. It is helpful to avoid negativity; I found this made my pregnancy fun and exciting.
I’ve used Hypbirth twice now – Baby Jett was 9 pounds 10! I went home the same day.

Breastfeeding: Future Proofing and Nurturing.

breastfeedingOur baby was ecologically breastfed, the normal way to start life.  By feeding to baby’s cues, we can learn an array of amazing things about following our instincts and supporting those of our baby.

Natural weaning allows a child to progress to an individual diet at a pace that is suited to their personal needs, and is also easy on the family unit.

Sleep Sharing
: Sleeping with Your Baby Safely in Your Bed…


We slept with our baby from birth, a wonderful experience, a traditional practice. The easy way to avoid night time battles. There are many reasons to consider this option that make caring for a new baby easier for both Mum, Dad and baby.

It enhances bonding and is simply so snuggly.

Elimination Communication: Have a Diaper or Nappy Free Baby!

nappy-free-babyThis section is about our journey re-learning the knowledge our society lost through a changing of social norms.

It’s not natural for a baby to wear a nappy; nappies can be used much less often when practicing EC. Our baby was nappy-free at home from 3 months, practising in regular underwear by 14 months. From 24/7 nappies to nappy-free.

If you want, you can do it with your baby too, it is gradual and cool!

Discover More About How to Get Started with Elimination Communication…

Baby-Led Introduction of Solids: Self Feeding is FUN!

baby led solidsWe followed a baby led approach to introducing family foods, which was fun and easy to implement without fuss or worry.

It supported breastfeeding and was fascinating to observe, and protect, baby’s natural instincts about what, when and how to eat.

Reassuring, too.


[I LOVE Pinky McKay – She runs regular teleseminars supporting you in gentle parenting choices.]

Do take a look!


EC Wear: Convenient Clothes for Elimination Communication


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