Have You Discovered Your Elimination Communication Confidence?

What is Elimination Communication?

What is Elimination Communication?

EC is fun each and every day. It is heaps of fun to realise how extra smart babies really are. It is rewarding to interact daily in such a positive way. It is also really cool to ‘talk’ non-verbally with my baby and to have another way to respond to his needs.

“Catching” pees and more, is such fun – beats nappy changing by far. Many people are scared of a naked baby peeing on them – we aren’t, as we trust the communication we now have with Maven. He’ll pitch a fit before peeing on us. The best part is sleeping happily with a naked baby between us!

Once you’ve communicated with your little babe and helped baby to ‘relieve’ him or herself, and have seen their relief about it, you’ve taken your first step into a larger world. It is a journey with twists and turns and great rewards.

Overview of ‘Baby Pottying’

This section of Tribal Baby covers how we started, tips and strategies for the various stages with our experiences peppered throughout to illustrate. I created this web site to record our experiences and document the stages we are going through on our journey to have a nappy free baby.

EC is an imperfect process to be sure, but the rewards on a daily basis are wonderful, rather like parenting, really.

l also hope to give those new to the concept an insight into the process. If you’ve never heard of it, you don’t have it as an option in your choices as a parent. It takes commitment and persistence in the early stages especially. The rewards of closer communication and understanding your baby are so very much worth it. So is knowing your baby is having its elimination needs cared for in a natural way and is also “living lightly” on the environment. We live in Australia, so “Nappy Free Down Under” is appropriate by a couple of interpretations!

Practicing Elimination Communication is like stepping into a larger world…

It is also fantastic to not have to change a poopy baby – we do so quite rarely. It IS possible, fun, hygienic and practical. There are ways to adapt Baby Pottying to every lifestyle, if it is something that you would like to try!

We celebrate every pee that goes down the toilet, even now – after all, that is where it belongs, right?

Words used to describe this approach to gradual toilet learning, which is, it cannot be said enough, about communication between us and our baby:

It is called several things, such as Elimination Communication (EC for short), Natural Infant Hygiene, Assisted Elimination, Infant pottying, Elimination Timing, Infant Potty Training, Diaper Free or Nappy – Free! Though I have come to like the term ‘Baby Pottying’, and use that a lot too.

We like to use the term Nappy – free as it reflects firstly not relying on nappies as a toilet for the baby, just as a back-up as we learn together, then later as the freedom of not having to use them offers us on many levels. Such as learning and knowing baby’s needs, being able to HELP him directly rather than not being able to do anything but wait, saving money, saving nappy changing hassles and dramas (especially as they become mobile), the portability of a nappy-free baby, saving the planet (just a tiny bit), and most of all saving baby from squelching in his own waste for years – ew! Discover More about My Elimination Communication eBookPart Time EC: A Personal Guide to Developing Your Elimination Communication Confidence…


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