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20 Interesting, Pretty and Eye-Catching Products I Found on the Cloth Diaper Hunt

20+ Interesting, Pretty and Eye-Catching Products I Found on the Cloth Diaper Hunt

During the hunt, one of the things as sponsors we have to do is visit our hint thread each day. During the month I highlight a series of different resources on Tribal Baby and talk a bit about them, this explains a little more about the site to visiting hunters and keeps my thread a little more interesting.

Another thing I like to do is visit the sites of other sponsors and have a look around, pick out a product that catches my eye and highlight it on their hunters thread.

Here is a record of what I said with the links to the sites so you can check them out as well:

At Eden’s Baby I really liked the Time Telling Dinner Time Mat and the Master Building Blocks. I just LOVE wooden blocks.

At Bottoms and Beyond Boutique the first product that got my attention was the Boingo Baby Diaper Fasteners! There is always a new improvement on the way, they look very easy to use. Then I was attracted to the fragrances for baby wipes – the Eucalyptus one of course as I am Australian.

At Kayla’s Cloth Kits I was amazed at the quantity of diapers you can make from one KCK Colossal Diaper Kit. Kayla’s Cloth Kits provides a great service for moms to make their own diapers.

At Kissed by the Moon what caught my eye when looking was the softness of the Wool Diaper Cover, before I came to the ‘What’s in the BOX?’ thrill of the Mystery Fluff Boxes. What a great idea!

At Gen-Y Diapers I had my eye caught very quickly by the flames of the Simplicity Phoenix cover! I also liked the colors and concept in the 8-bit Universal cover, LOL. Bip, Bip, Bip… Space Invaders!

At Pampered Mama, Tanya has really thought things through the products she offers. I love the Custom Hospital Breastfeeding Gown for use in the hospital and at home. The idea of a young child having their very own hospital gown when a hospital trip is known, is very wonderful and thoughtful.

At My Tajo’s I had trouble picking out some favourites! I really love the little girl slippers – they are just gorgeous, and also always loved buying little kids leather shoes every few months for my boys. In the diaper area, I was most attracted to the Sweet Dreams Cover.

At Ribbons and Stitches I couldn’t go past the very cool denim jeans patterned Kawaii Snap Diapers! They look very eye catching and funky.

At Mothers Haven I found myself in the “On the Go” section and love the ‘Baby Elephant Ears‘ head support for baby in the car seat. I used to prop flannels and all sorts beside baby’s head, and I could see these even adapting to older kids, who can look so uncomfortable when they fall asleep in the car!

At Nicki’s Diapers, I couldn’t choose between two great products, the child’s Ergo Sling for Dolls, as I think promoting baby wearing with kids is just awesome, and the Nursing Pets – what a wonderful idea for a toy!

At Eco Nuts I found a whole site on soap nuts! What a great thing to promote. I was most intrigued by the comparison chart that shows how much more economical (as well as environmentally friendly) soap nuts really are.

At Lil’ Tulips it was easy to pick out a favourite product. I went to toys as my kids are out of diapers, and found the wonderful black and white flash cards for babies. They are awesome! Babies love the contrast of black and white.

At Fluffy Wishes I found a great idea for a program, to help local families who are struggling to use cloth diapers. I hope lots of hunters living in and near Grand Rapids can donate a cloth diaper to help support the program.

At Jack be Natural I enjoyed checking out the new designs of Amber Necklaces. My son broke his. I also LOVE the Hut Hut for kids. Wish I had the cash for that one!

At Loveybums it was Easy! I loved the Tie Dyed Diapers!

At Lime Rickee Designs I had never thought of getting a personalized Cutting Board! What a clever idea!

At Fluffy Rump, as we do Elimination Communication, I immediately checked out the Cloth Changing Pads as they are helpful for waterproofing under a diaper free baby! The Planet wise ones are as always very eye catching colours.

At The Happy Baby Company I checked out the Baby Lit Featured Products. These Baby Lit books are great! I love the idea of a baby friendly Dracula. Need a Twilight version, I think! I also love the idea of a Cloth Diaper Trade-in Program!

At Itsy Bitsy Bums you’ll see a cute idea: I like this Bum Genius Diaper. Now that’s setting your baby up as a genius from the start, such positive modelling…

At Diaper Safari I liked the Planet Wise wet bags, they look so swish. I think I like the Flame one best…

Hello Hunters! Welcome to Tribal Baby. Let’s Get to That Icon!

The Hunt will be all through August: Join the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt here to win many very cool baby and toddler prizes…

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Hello Hunters! Welcome to Tribal Baby.

I started Tribal Baby back in 2005 shortly after my first son was born to help share my experiences with elimination communication.

At that time there were two books available, and little else besides online forums and a few blogs which no longer exist. I used the site as a way to blog about our EC journey as I discovered many fascinating things via this ancient way of connecting with my baby. I wanted to share the thrills I experienced. We did EC from when he was born, it was great fun. On the sidebar of Tribal Baby you can see a link where I share our personal experiences as a collection…

Since then, I have another son and did Elimination Communication with him from birth as well. A different journey, as he had CTEV (Talipes, or a clubfoot) and so was in a series of 12 plaster casts until he was 3 months old and then a brace 23 hours a day until he was about 1 year old and then for 12 hours a day (well, nights) until just days ago, at the end of July when he turned four. It has been a long journey also since my little boy was also diagnosed with a Global Developmental Delay and PDD-NOS, an Autism Spectrum Disorder and which requires weekly speech therapy and occupational therapy. I nearly passed out when I realised this therapy costs $2200 a term! We do thankfully get assistance from the Australian government for some of the costs. Perhaps my helpful bundle of elimination communication resources will help our family.

My Helpful Bundle of Elimination Communication Resources

I recently released all my resources as an eBook for mothers interested in EC to buy for $2.99. It’s called simply Part Time EC” as that is how everyone starts, and how many families continue with elimination communication with the busy busy lives of today.

I included the 4 bonus guides I have developed to help with aspects of practicing EC, Preparing for EC with your Baby, Baby Led Pottying, Elimination Communication and Travel and Reconnecting Tips for Potty Pauses, and my popular “7 Secrets of Elimination Communication“, which was the free online guided tour that I created to get all this started.

Our Prize Donation for the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt:

elimination communication clothes


Tribal Baby’s prize donation is a pair of EcaPants from EcaWare Baby: Lisa has again generously donated a pair on behalf of Tribal Baby. her pants are fabulous! I used them all the time with little Jett; they really are easy to use.

Visit EcaWare Baby

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– Charndra

P.S As you wander around my site you might decide to download this free eBook and see what this EC thing is all about. You’ll be joining over 2500 others who have read the 7 Secrets to EC… Elimination Communication and Modern Cloth Diapers are an excellent match for one simple reason: less washing.


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