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Hello Hunters! Welcome to Tribal Baby. Let’s Get to That Icon!

The Hunt will be all through August: Join the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt here to win many very cool baby and toddler prizes…

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Hello Hunters! Welcome to Tribal Baby.

I started Tribal Baby back in 2005 shortly after my first son was born to help share my experiences with elimination communication.

At that time there were two books available, and little else besides online forums and a few blogs which no longer exist. I used the site as a way to blog about our EC journey as I discovered many fascinating things via this ancient way of connecting with my baby. I wanted to share the thrills I experienced. We did EC from when he was born, it was great fun. On the sidebar of Tribal Baby you can see a link where I share our personal experiences as a collection…

Since then, I have another son and did Elimination Communication with him from birth as well. A different journey, as he had CTEV (Talipes, or a clubfoot) and so was in a series of 12 plaster casts until he was 3 months old and then a brace 23 hours a day until he was about 1 year old and then for 12 hours a day (well, nights) until just days ago, at the end of July when he turned four. It has been a long journey also since my little boy was also diagnosed with a Global Developmental Delay and PDD-NOS, an Autism Spectrum Disorder and which requires weekly speech therapy and occupational therapy. I nearly passed out when I realised this therapy costs $2200 a term! We do thankfully get assistance from the Australian government for some of the costs. Perhaps my helpful bundle of elimination communication resources will help our family.

My Helpful Bundle of Elimination Communication Resources

I recently released all my resources as an eBook for mothers interested in EC to buy for $2.99. It’s called simply Part Time EC” as that is how everyone starts, and how many families continue with elimination communication with the busy busy lives of today.

I included the 4 bonus guides I have developed to help with aspects of practicing EC, Preparing for EC with your Baby, Baby Led Pottying, Elimination Communication and Travel and Reconnecting Tips for Potty Pauses, and my popular “7 Secrets of Elimination Communication“, which was the free online guided tour that I created to get all this started.

Our Prize Donation for the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt:

elimination communication clothes


Tribal Baby’s prize donation is a pair of EcaPants from EcaWare Baby: Lisa has again generously donated a pair on behalf of Tribal Baby. her pants are fabulous! I used them all the time with little Jett; they really are easy to use.

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– Charndra

P.S As you wander around my site you might decide to download this free eBook and see what this EC thing is all about. You’ll be joining over 2500 others who have read the 7 Secrets to EC… Elimination Communication and Modern Cloth Diapers are an excellent match for one simple reason: less washing.


Let’s Get Started!


elimination communication and breastfeeding

This is my son Maven (Diaper Free!) at 2 months old. Find him again and you've found another clue!


Sleep Sharing: Sleeping with baby safely in your bed…

Sleep Sharing: Sleeping with baby safely with you in bed.

We slept with our baby from birth, a wonderful experience, a traditional practice. The easy way to avoid night time battles. There are many reasons to consider this option that make caring for a new baby easier for both Mum, Dad and baby. It enhances bonding and is simply so snuggly.

Sleep Sharing:

What is it?

Sleep sharing is a form of co-sleeping. It is having the baby sleeping in bed with baby’s parents. It is so cool. It is how babies are designed sleep, it supports longer duration of nightly breastfeeding, and so breastfeeding in general, and supports easier night care of baby, and better sleep for parents. Babies who sleep with their mothers take in three times as much breast milk during the night as do isolated babies, thus enjoying a more natural nutritional and immune support pattern.

The bosom of the mother is the natural pillow of her offspring
Dr Conquest, 1848.


Read more about Sleep Sharing: Sleeping with baby safely with you in bed.


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