Have You Discovered Your Elimination Communication Confidence?

Elimination Communication: Baby’s Point of View?

Elimination Communication – What is Baby’s point of view?

What might be going on in baby’s mind?

How respecting baby’s dignity is crucial to practicing Elimination Communication

A baby is dependent. Completely dependent on his or her parents for all their care. They cannot take themselves to the toilet, but would they want to lay in their own waste? I think not. They try to let us know how to help them. We have to listen very closely to help them and to rediscover our instincts to care for them naturally and lovingly, together.

What would baby say if they could talk?

I wonder if it is something like this:

  • Something is going on somewhere – help me.
  • My belly hurts! help me stop this feeling!
  • I need to go – assist me.
  • I forgot why we came here- remind me by waiting until I feel the need to go again.
  • I’m too wired to go. Help me to relax!
  • Oh, Dad’s smiling at me – peeeee!
  • Oops, I just didn’t realise I needed to go. I was distracted by the blocks!
  • Whoa, I couldn’t help myself as I was pushing myself up/ practising standing/ practicing walking!
  • He he he – I was laughing so hard  I piddled on myself!
  • Well, here’s the potty, not sure how it works, what if I just go beside it? Oops.
  • I want to go where you go, help me to go on the toilet!
  • Time for a shower, oo oo oops!

Thinking about how the baby would feel puts EC into one sort of perspective.

They are learning, they stumble just as they tumble while walking and babble their words. Just as we don’t worry when they stumble, having that same approach to misses helps. We don’t know what they are thinking in their pre-verbal little minds, but thinking this way helps me understand what he might be feeling. It also helps me to think that he also has jumbled thoughts, and needs my help to remember where and when to tinkle. Discover More about My Elimination Communication eBookPart Time EC: A Personal Guide to Developing Your Elimination Communication Confidence…


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