Have You Discovered Your Elimination Communication Confidence?

Elimination Communication Questions

Elimination Communication Questions

Hi, thank you for answering these questions and being involved in my first series of EC cooperative questions on Tribal Baby!

They are a chance for you to share your expert advice and gain backlinks to your website or facebook page over time – which is really valuable for SEO. I am super-thrilled to be helping to promote your site with these articles, and promoting Elimination Communication too!

In future I will ask for responses via my Panel of Experts, I hope you will join that list too, to be involved in other free links via Tribal Baby.

They are based on keywords women enter into google, turned into questions. I will publish one per month for the next year! All you need to do is answer each; there may be a lot of repetition, and this is fine as they will be spaced out over the year. Repetition is fine!

What you need to do is reply to charndra@tribalbaby.org with your first name and Site name and URL at the top of the email with your responses to each of these questions. A couple of sentences is fine, or say more if you like. Yes, this will be a year’s worth of articles on elimination communication for birth on Tribal Baby, great backlinks for your site!

Here are the 12 Elimination Communication questions:

  1. Tell us about your EC site / business or product?
  2. Tell us how you got started with your EC store / EC related business, site?
  3. Tell us about your most popular product for Elimination Communication?
  4. Tell us about your own favourite product for Elimination Communication?
  5. What is your best tip for starting EC?
  6. How I got started with Elimination Communication…
  7. What is your best tip for introducing the potty to a small baby?
  8. What is your recommended potty for EC?
  9. What is your best tip for new mothers doing EC with a newborn?
  10. What is your best tip for overcoming a potty pause?
  11. What is your best tip for Late Starters to EC? (over 6 months)
  12. What is your recommended EC Clothing Product?

Each will be an article, plus I will combine groups of articles into other useful posts.

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