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Nine Ways To Make D-I-Y Nappy Free Time Mats For Elimination Communication

Do-It-Yourself, Budget, No-Brainer Solutions For Nappy Free Time Mats – Make Them Yourself For Peanuts From What You Have Around Your Home.

I’ve often called mine ‘Flat Nappies’ as they do the job of catching wees, yet they are for protecting surfaces from wetness. Just remember the concept: Baby sitting on the diaper, rather than nappy wrapped around the baby.

They are pretty simple in design – you’ll need a waterproof layer to protect the surface it is on, an absorbent layer and a layer for next to the baby – preferably one that feels dry to the touch after a wee.

Nine Ways To Make D-I-Y Nappy Free Time Mats:

  1. Use your changing mat. Lay some soft cloths on top, perhaps a towel for something to switch on wetness. Perhaps a towel beneath for extra cushioning as they are often quite thin.
  2. Use a 100% wool blanket with sheeting over it. It breathes well and, wool has the near magical properties of repelling water, yet without going really cold.
  3. Use an old or recycled wool jumper or sweater. Chop off the arms (adapt them as baby legs), put a towel inside it for absorbency.
  4. Use a pillowcase as a pocket that has inside it a piece of towel on the top layer and a waterproof liner. (Stuff-A-Pillow)
  5. Use a waterproof plastic tablecloth (party ones are quite cheap) for the base with a towel then a cotton sheet on top. ‘Waffle’ tea towels and soft cotton bunny rugs are nice for the top, (which can be switched out on wetness).
  6. Use an old plastic shower curtain as the base, with towel as the absorbent layer, then topped with a polar fleece layer, as that doesn’t absorb water.
  7. Using a flat cloth diaper as the size, make a pillow slip to go over this, using a waterproof layer as a separate base. You can easily make several that can dry quickly once washed.
  8. Use a plastic-based waterproof changing pad covered with a thick flannel pillowcase. It is already sewn, and easy to wash and hang out to dry. Easy to stuff with something else as well.
  9. Buy a washable softly carpeted bathroom mat with the waterproof base. Lay a towel on top for absorbency and a polar fleece layer or bunny rug on top. Great for a spot of nudie bottom floor time, not for sleeping on though, with the rubberised base.

You don’t sew? (Don’t have the time?)

• Simply use the layers on top of each other.

• Cross-stitch the corners together.

• Use capped safety pins in the corners, pinned from below so there is little chance of touching cold metal.

• use fusible interfacing to bind the layers together with an iron.

• Use fusible binding tape around the edges.

• Use the small stationery clasps in the corners.

• Use snap fasteners or press studs in the corners.

Check out the options you can buy or have custom made here:

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P.S Be Flexible and creative – why not just use a regular towel, and a particular small mat that you can rinse off outside. Of all the spots on our rugs, baby wee is the non existent one – simply a non issue. Step on a wet patch with a folded up flannel and it is gone, just like that. Now, grubby fingers, dropped food – that’s another story.

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