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Secret # 2 to Elimination Communication

Secret #2 to Elimination Communication:  Stay Relaxed, and Flexible in Your Options – It’s Easy.

In this secret you will discover how being flexible will allow you to adapt EC to YOUR lifestyle as you learn and build your confidence, and show how adaptable being part-time diaper-free can be.

“If in our daily life we can smile, if we can be peaceful and happy, not only we, but everyone will profit from it. This is the most basic kind of peace work.” Thich Nhat Hanh

Sometimes parents get overwhelmed with the idea of being ‘nappy free’, thinking they shouldn’t need to use diapers after a short time, or at all, but this is simply a misunderstanding. Practicing EC is a process – a long process, and there are many ways to stay positive and ‘in touch’ without becoming overwhelmed.

Nappies are integral to feeling comfortable with EC. Think of the term ‘diaper free’ as a mind-set – having the freedom to use diapers as a tool, not an essential, yet at times a necessity. This is why the term “Part-time nappy free” is so apt – sometimes diapers, sometimes diaper free. You decide when they suit you.

What are three keys to feeling relaxed and being flexible?

1. Stay relaxed by being flexible – use nappies when you leave the house. Use diapers at night. Practise nappy free time when you feel positive and motivated. Use diapers when visitors pop over. A friend of mine from India, where they culturally practise EC, used diaper backup from start to finish; many people do this – you can too. You’re still EC’ing if you are open to messages from your baby and strive to respond to them. Do this and you are Part-Time Nappy Free. Having a relaxed attitude is quite important to successful baby-parent communication, which makes a lot of sense.

2. Be comfortable in adapting your level of ‘back-up’ in busy or demanding family times, this is what everyone does to stay balanced. Think of EC as a parenting option, diapers as a tool; use as necessary, avoid when unnecessary. Missing a wee is nothing in the grand scheme of things. Yes, you CAN speed up and slow down your attention to EC – that is what makes EC so empowering and liberating.

You can use it to gain a deeper bond with your baby, help your baby on their learning journey, as well as use the convenience of nappies at other times, when you are just too tired after a busy day or simply not in the mood to be responsive. At those times, you are having an “In Between Day” – pick it up again later or tomorrow. There are now many types of EC clothing available to add to your convenience – made by parents who have practiced EC. My directory of Elimination Communication Stores will help you find shops who offer EC gear for sale and will help you find what you need.

3. Use lots of variety with your ‘protection’ choices. Being flexible also relates to using a variety of ‘protection’ options – disposable diapers, washable diapers (cloth), EC mats, training pants, split crotch pants, naked bottom – whatever best suits YOUR situation at any point in time. Nappies are central to your learning, yet irrelevant in another way, as EC is about the communication with baby, rather than catching wee. You use protection as it suits your current comfort level, how baby is responding, where you are and if you have carpet or hard floors. Use diapers / go nappy free – you are still practicing EC as you are open to responding to baby’s attempts at communication whenever you can.

This flexibility helps you to reduce your overall ‘carbon impact’ – doing your share in protecting the environment for our children’s future.

So, remember Secret #2 to Developing your diaper-free confidence: Stay relaxed, and be flexible in your options –it’s easy.

Bonus Resource: Discover How You can almost immediately begin lowering the impact of your baby on the environment of the future – whether you do EC or not:

How Green is Your Nappy?

“The goal of life is living in agreement with nature.” Zeno (335 BC – 264 BC)

We all know that climate change, or global warming is real, and it can sometimes make us feel a bit powerless, BUT there are HEAPS of little things that we can start doing today to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released through our choices. EASY things that you can do – any parent can do.

Easing Into EC Tip #2: Notice Fussing During Feeding…

During your next feed with baby, notice if / when they start fussing with their mouth, it is a very common sign of the need to ‘go’. Ask yourself if they might need to wee or poo. Feel their nappy for warmth.

So, wonder about those feeding wriggles…

Breastfeeding and Elimination Communication…

Have fun connecting,

P.S. I hope you are feeling like this “EC thing” is not as hard as it may first appear. That yes, you can see yourself giving it a go, feel how great it will feel to skip using that first diaper… and the second, third and many more. See how integral nappies are to the process? They are used until they are too fiddly – then other options take their place as ‘back-up’. Flexibility is the secret – just like in everything.

Remember to keep in mind: EC is about the communication, not about toilet training. Particularly with little babies, EC is about comfort – the EC being ‘Elimination Comfort’ – helping them to be comfortable by getting out that gas, letting the poos out in a big lot rather than over several diapers. You are also simply being there to reassure them that they are OK when their oh-so-new body startles and scares them, and actually hurts at times.

You are caring for your baby NOW, not needing to ‘use’ a nappy some of the time, even though they still wear one – meanwhile you are building your confidence and understanding about their individual needs. Each poo caught is a messy diaper change saved. (I’m glad every time I catch a poo.)

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