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Secret # 3 to Elimination Communication

Secret # 3 to Elimination Communication: Nappy-Free Time Is Important

In this secret you will discover a simple way for baby to have nappy- free time and that baby wee is a harmless liquid.

A spot of diaper-free time kicking their legs on a waterproof mat is a great way for working parents to reconnect at the end of busy days. Nappy-free time is an easy way to help baby learn about their body. Simply have some protection under them. For crawling babies, a cloth nappy without a cover will help both of you learn about how baby’s body works, ‘risk’ free.

Baby pee emerges sterile. Yes – it is just a warm liquid, quite innocuous – merely excess water and minerals the baby doesn’t need. Remember to think of it as just some spilled water. When you get weed on, clean it up with a small flannel, end of story – simple hygiene necessary. Leave it – sure, it will grow smelly as bacteria land on and grow in it – but you’ll easily wipe it up long before then. You will get ‘christened’ – doesn’t every parent?

Here are three simple ways to have a bit of diaper-free time when you begin practising part-time EC:

1. A towel folded several times is an easy way – use one from the bathroom rail and you won’t even create ‘extra’ washing. Use a nappy as protection, a simple cloth diaper square will do the trick, baby sits on it, or has it between their legs. Baby is on a nappy rather than the nappy on the baby. (For poops, simply use appropriate backup at times you expect a poo, use a cover or protection until you get a good feel for poop signs and patterns. No need to get pooped on to do EC.)

2. Simply put a waterproofed mat on your lap, this might be towel with plastic tablecloth cut up underneath it, safety pinned together at the corners. Here are nine ways of making Do-It-Yourself Nappy Free Time Mats. There are also a number of EC Mat options you can make or buy, useful for many situations. Use your changing mat.

3. Practice a bit of diaper-free time with your baby on a waterproof mat – protecting surfaces from wees, rather than protecting the environment from the baby by waterproofing the baby with a nappy – a change in mind-set from full-time diaper use. Having nappy-free time is helpful for a number of reasons.

So, remember Secret #3 to developing your nappy-free confidence: Nappy-free time is Important.

Bonus Resource: Full of ‘Take aways’ that you can start using immediately, they’ll prepare you for practicing EC as they are the first step, and will benefit you and your baby even if you decide EC isn’t for you at this time.

Discover the number one way parents practicing EC begin to reduce their use of diapers – you probably already do it – turn it into a learning experience as well…

The Importance of Nappy Free Time

Easing Into EC Tip # 3: Leave That Nappy Off…

Nappy Free Time is such a great opportunity to observe, interact and learn – try to do some everyday. Think of how a half hour diaper-less every day will add up to so much experience getting to know your baby’s rhythms and patterns, having playtime together to massage, sing, smile and listen to your baby.

So, leave that nappy off for an hour sometime tomorrow, smile at your baby and watch them wee. (Make a ‘sss’ sound when they do.)

Have fun connecting,
P.S. Imagine having your baby diaper-free and feeling confident at reading their signs for needing to wee. The feeling of confidence this brings will make you feel very connected to your baby’s needs.

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