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Secret # 5 to Elimination Communication

Secret # 5 to Elimination Communication: Connecting Daily With Your Baby Builds Your Confidence

In this secret you will discover how having daily close physical contact builds your confidence in communicating with your baby.

“Every day has its own sweetness provided we learn to recognise and enjoy its essence.” Vasuprada Kodati

What are the 3 keys to connecting with your baby physically?

1. Holding, carrying and wearing your baby regularly will help you have a keener awareness of baby’s needs – the close physical contact amplifies your connection, and skin-on-skin contact encourages signalling from baby – they instinctively want to avoid peeing on you. Babies are feeling beings – think about how so much of our communication is non-verbal – tap into this intrinsic knowledge and learn from it… This is why people practicing EC often hold, carry or wear their babies – such close contact helps you to ‘read’ your baby. Babies both enjoy (relish) the closeness and benefit from it in many ways.

2. Any sort of physical contact – skin-on-skin contact during feeding, dancing, baby massage and bathing together all enhance your sense of a physical bond and emotional connection, aiding in your awareness of baby’s subtle body language and muscle tension changes. Holding your baby makes it much easier to pick up changes in their behaviour that may be elimination signs.

3. Closeness helps you to tune into your intuition, or your ‘baby radar’. I say, “My potty sense is tingling” at these moments, and offer baby a toilet break as soon as I can. Be open to what you may sense. Practise responding. Be curious about interpreting messages – they may have a different meaning than your first inkling. Use a cloth draped between baby’s legs for back-up, and ease of offering toilet breaks during these moments together. Simple – risk protection, yet ease of pottying access.

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So, remember Secret #5 to developing your nappy-free confidence: Connecting Daily With Your Baby Builds Your Confidence.

Easing Into EC Tip # 5: Ask Another Question…

Your baby is grumpy or cranky or grizzly and you’re not sure why… Is it thirst? Is it hunger? Is it a burp or a bubble? Is it a farty bum? Do they need a diaper change? Now, add another question: Is it a full bladder? Does your baby need to wee? Does your baby need a poo?

So, add the ‘Is it an EC?’ question to your unravelling of what baby needs when they fuss or cry.

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P.S. EC is an approach to baby hygiene that is quite different to conventional toilet training. This is difficult for most people to get a grip on – that EC is process oriented, not goal oriented (I.e. Toilet independence is the long-term result, not the short-term aim). There is a thrill factor that ‘catching’ brings almost everyone who practices EC – that lasts right through the whole EC experience – the thrill of ‘clicking’ with and celebrating each communication with your child – priceless, free joy.

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