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Discover Elimination Communication to Wash Less Diapers! Day 4 of the Hunt.

About Tribal Baby: Discover Elimination Communication to Use, Buy and Wash Less Diapers! Day 4 of the Hunt.

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Day Four of the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt:

Hello Hunters!

Welcome to Tribal Baby’s Hunters Thread. Each day I highlight a page on the site. Todays is an article I wrote for the Australian Breastfeeding Association’s ‘Essence’ magazine, called Breastfeeding my Nappy Free Baby

I wrote it when my son was under a year old. It highlights how important breastfeeding was in helping us with Elimination Communication, or rather the other way around – doing EC helped to support breastfeeding. Anyway, it is about the interdependence of the two….

My baby stirs beside me. He searches and ‘boobifies’ himself as I gaze at his gorgeous face. A quick drink and he pulls off, frowns, squirms and kicks his legs. I pick him up and hold him over a bowl, where he does a big wee as I whisper “sss” quietly in his ear.He then continues his feed for a while longer, eyes open as he fiddles with my hair. Soon, he pulls off, goes back on, detaching and attaching in a certain ‘plucking’ way as he again wriggles then grizzles a bit. I hold him over the bowl again, cue ‘sss pss’, patiently waiting – he does his daily poo as I clench my belly muscles to encourage and help him to learn what to do. I wipe his cute little bum with a tissue.

Enjoy your visit to Tribal Baby!

Hunters Start Here…

Breastfeeding: Future proofing and nurturing.

Breastfeeding: Future proofing and nurturing.

Our baby was ecologically breastfed, the normal way to start life.

By feeding to baby’s cues, we can learn an array of amazing things about following our instincts and supporting those of our baby.

Natural weaning allows a child to progress to an individual diet at a pace that is suited to their personal needs, and is also easy on the family unit.

What is it?

Future proofing my baby!

When I was preparing and knew I would be ‘breastfeeding on request’, I found info on WHY to do this quite easily, but I did find it hard to find stories by mums online that explain the minutiae of doing this, the day to day supportive stuff and little things to help keep one’s brain ‘straight’. I have since found ways to help myself manage, have found out how to adapt ideas into my own ways, have found helpful support and resources online and in books. So, I am adding this section to provide another place to read of a mum who feeds in this way, and how I have adapted to it and what it has taught me about my baby.

There is heaps of info about breastfeeding successfully available

– the key is only taking on advice from people who HAVE breastfed successfully or risk adopting out of date and potentially damaging information.


Read more about tips for a smoother breastfeeding experience after your baby’s birth:


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