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About ‘Guest Post’ Contributions…

“Meet our Guests”

I invite you to write a guest post introducing your site on Tribal Baby

I would be pleased to introduce your site on Tribal Baby. I will include your banners and links and also promote it on my facebook page: My Tribal Baby

I feel this is far more useful than a mere link exchange as your site keywords and links are included a number of times…

Please link to Tribal Baby from your site in return.

Here is a suggested format. (This will make it EASY for you)

A simple format makes it easier for you to contribute something excellent with your limited time! For each part, write a sentence or two – brief is fine. Or waffle on – either is good. My goal is about 250 – 500 words for a post.

Part #1 Say Hi!

– say hello and tell us who you are, where you live (state), how many kids you have if relevant, or something about you!

Part #2 About your site…

– tell us a bit about your site / shop. Eg: What is your specialty? What inspired you to start a shop? Why is it called that? Tell us about something special or unique- a charity you support, notable features, discounts you have for fans or newsletter recipients…

Part #3 Our Planet Matters!

– tell us your perspective on the environment – any aspect! What concerns you the most?

Part #4 Where do we go first?

– finish this sentence: When you visit (your site), make sure you have a look at… (3 features or items & include http://www links for me to add.) 1. 2. 3.

Part #5 An invitation to readers…

– invite readers along!

What to do:

– Have a think, make a plan, grab a cuppa and write out what you want to say. – Gather what is needed together:

Your responses, I’ll create the post and add it to the schedule.

A banner or a link to a banner – 468 * 60, to be included with your post.  A 125*125 / 150*150 button as well as these upload to facebook well. Static banners please – I’m avoiding animated banners.

– Send them to me here. Thankyou! I really appreciate you taking some time to share about your site. www.TribalBaby.org

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