Have You Discovered Your Elimination Communication Confidence?

Using ‘Cues’ in Elimination Communication

Newborn Elimination Communication:

Conditioning the baby to pee on ‘cue’

Elimination communication is about conditioning at first, so whenever he peed we made a cue sound, “sss psss” so that he associated the sound with the feeling of peeing.

As a newborn who peed often, it was easy to help him learn the cue sound. Within days he would pee in the sink when he heard the sound and he needed to go.

Frequently he would spit-up as well if not reclining enough. He would usually poop at the same time. It was great to help him get out any burps, too. In time, they simply take the offer to wee if they need it, or indicate that they have no need to go right now, no worries. Discover More about My Elimination Communication eBookPart Time EC: A Personal Guide to Developing Your Elimination Communication Confidence…

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