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Toilet Train Your Baby: Elimination Communication Stories for Mothers

Toilet Train Your Baby: Elimination Communication Stories

You’re looking for stories for mothers to discover all you need to know about how to Toilet Train Your Baby?

To Toilet Train Your Baby is also known as EC, elimination communication, having a diaper free baby or Baby Toilet Training.

A popular section of Tribal Baby is called Adventures in Elimination Communication, or Part Time Baby Pottying.

Parents practicing elimination communication are sharing their stories with you in their own words in this section of Tribal Baby…

Adventures in Elimination Communication:

Kayla, J.R, Ezra and Elizabeth, from the United States…

“We love EC because it has helped us to feel so incredibly bonded with our babies. When you’re tuned into their elimination needs, it’s much harder to ignore your baby. We get more “face time” because of the potty breaks. It forces us to slow down and really enjoy our babies. It helps me to understand them better, because we communicate about more things than if we didn’t do EC. It’s like opening up a whole new world.”

Read through a range of stories written for mothers about elimination communication or how to toilet train your baby…

Discover More About My Elimination Communication eBook…

The most important thing about discovering how to toilet train your baby is that no-one can give advice about it unless they have practiced it themselves, it is such an experience based activity. Ignore the ‘rantings’ from people who have ‘heard’ this or that – those are opinions based on lack of experience. Form your own opinions! (Have your own fun…) Learn from the experts – the mothers and their babies! Then discover EC with YOUR baby…

Elimination Communication eBook

‘Part Time EC: A Personal Guide to Developing Your Elimination Communication Confidence’

230 pages of resources will be yours. Discover all you need to know about how to toilet train your baby and start your journey into EC today…

Elimination Communication is a cumbersome term for a simple concept: helping your baby to pee in a potty from their early days to give them comfort and a clean diaper – at least some of the time!

– Charndra Josling

P.S. I sincerely hope that this book will encourage you to increase your confidence in your communication with your baby. I also believe that you will discover many creative ideas and clever insights through this eBook. The introductory section is available as a free download; over 2500 people have enjoyed that part already. It will help you too.


Looking for EC Stores? Finding Elimination Communication Stores, Supplies, Books and More Resources…

Looking for Elimination Communication Stores? Clothing, Books and Forums…

There are lots of EC Stores online offering you quality elimination communication clothes.

Looking for Elimination Communication Supplies? Start Here:

My directory of Elimination Communication Stores design and make, or offer specialist clothing and EC gear to visitors. Have a browse and get inspired!

Visit the Tribal Baby Directory of Elimination Communication Stores

There are now many types of EC clothing available to add to your convenience – designed and made by parents who have practiced EC, so they know what you need for easier potty breaks and puddle prevention! Special potties too.

Download my Free Guide for getting started with Elimination Communication: The 7 Secrets

Elimination Communication is a truly baby-led approach to hygiene that results in a massive reduction in reliance on diapers or nappies over many months, in fact two years. So, yes, it is a gradual process – not a sprint to the finish!

Investing the time is very worthwhile for the many benefits it offers you and your baby. Imagine only seldom changing a poopy diaper – that is what EC meant for us – and I am SO GLAD we raised our baby this way!! Changing nappies or diapers soon became a thing of the past. Wet things were easy to chuck in the washing. Poos went in the loo with EC.

Elimination Communication Forums:

Find an elimination communication forum that is right for you. Firstly read  through my tips for getting the most out of an elimination communication forum

Elimination Communication and Other Potty Training Books, CD and DVD Resources:

Discover More about My Elimination Communication eBook…

Diaper Free! – The Gentle Art of Natural Infant Hygiene

The Diaper Free Baby

Potty Whispering

Diaper-Free Before 3: The Healthier Way to Toilet Train and Help Your Child Out of Diapers Sooner

Infant Potty Training: A Gentle and Primeval Method Adapted to Modern Living

EC Simplified: Infant Potty Training Made Easy

Early-Start Potty Training

Top Potty Training Tips and Tricks Written By Parents For Parents Plus Bonus Section: Elimination Communication

Stress-Free Potty Training: A Commonsense Guide to Finding the Right Approach for Your Child


Use Birth Hypnosis for A Much Easier, Even Painless Birth.

Use Birth Hypnosis for A Much Easier, Even Painless Birth.

It is Possible to Use Birth Hypnosis for an Much Easier, Even Painless Birth.

Let us look at how theories associated with controlling having a baby have changed, possibly leading to more discomfort in childbirth, before finding that the solution to an easier painless delivery is in making use of hypnotherapy for birth…

The theories around giving birth have altered significantly over the hundreds of years. Similar to all the females of the animal species, woman was created with the instinct as well as capacity for creating a nesting spot, and having a baby the natural way. This has already been written about, examined as well as revealed in films usually as primitive man’s approach, Indigenous American way and up throughout the 19th century, ladies received very little pain killers, or outside “influences” affecting childbirth.

Unnatural Positions and Interventions = Lengthier Labours and Distress

Somewhere in the 20th century, midwives and doctors alike, started looking to minimize pain and discomfort, placed females within unnatural flat, prone postures for delivery; as well as the Victorian modesty issues in some way got included and having a baby grew to become a lttle bit of a torture for many females (behind closed doors). Maybe as humankind began eating more manufactured, processed, sugary foodstuff, and expanded in girth, babies’ size was not generally in correct ratio to the mother, bringing about longer labors and pain.

Natural Birth With Birth Hypnosis

In the early 1900s through the 1950s, it was not unheard of for the lady to be “knocked out” or “put under” throughout the complete birth and wasn’t quite possibly conscious precisely what sex infant she had for several hours until eventually she “awoke.” Thank heavens for the 1960s that with all the advent of all-natural things, make love not war mindset, women once more started thinking for themselves. When they desired to try out all-natural birth, they spoke up and achieved it. Even if they weren’t 100% successful, things did give back the power back again for the new mother.

These days, there’s a resurgence to natural birth using self-hypnosis, and using a calm, controlled approach of labor where the mother engages in self-awareness, oneness with her baby by means of mental as well as spoken communication, and much discomfort is actually eliminating in a natural way, just as her fore-mothers did.

It isn’t the hypnosis methods of stage entertainers or psychiatrists placing people in trances they do not recall following a snap of the fingers. It’s something the expectant mother has put to use through the phases of pregnancy, and through positive ideas, stress-free relaxing words and phrases, gentle breathing exercises, can be totally and completely relaxed, with a supple a body as you possibly can to assist the newborn journey the road to birth.

Trust in Yourself and Gain a Far More Pleasant Experience!

There should be trust in themselves, and not so much a disassociation from discomfort and environment, however a break-away from stigmas and misguided beliefs around giving birth. The actual end result will be a a more happy newborn as well as mother; a a lot more happy experience, possibly utilizing assistance from aromatherapy and visualizations.

Read more about using self hypnosis for your baby’s birth:

Hypnosis for birth…

Other Hypnosis for Birth Resources to Explore:

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