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Yeah, I am sometimes really slow at catching emails…. I have one day each week when I work on my sites, the rest of the time I am Mumming. Like you.

Tribal Baby Expert Advice

Share Your Expertise : Join the Tribal Baby Panel of Experts

Join my panel of experts to contribute to the cooperative resources that I am developing on Tribal Baby.

If you have a site, shop, facebook page or blog on parenting and baby related topics and have something to share about Elimination Communication, Birth Hypnosis, Breastfeeding, Baby-Led Solids, Sleep Sharing; basically these and related Attachment Parenting topics, please join!

You will be invited to contribute to ‘cooperative’ questions that offer your expertise to visitors on topics of interest to you with a link back to your place on the web. It is free to contribute to these resources on Tribal Baby. All I ask is that you link to my site from yours, perhaps I can do a guest post talking about Tribal Baby… I will link to your site or facebook page in every article, and tag you on facebook when they are published too! You can pick and choose those that you contribute to.

Series 1 will be about Birth Hypnosis. If you have something to offer about this inspiring approach to easier childbirth, chime in and have a say!

Series 2 will be about Elimination Communication. If you’ve had a go at this fun approach to connecting with your baby, jump on board for great links to your site!

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