Have You Discovered Your Elimination Communication Confidence?

Discover the 7 Secrets to Elimination Communication

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Discover the 7 Secrets to Elimination Communication

How You Can REDUCE Your Baby’s Use of Diapers & Nappies with Elimination Communication.

Discover the 7 Secrets to Elimination Communication…

Discover the 7 Secrets to Elimination Communication FREE eBook

  • Save Your Money, Reduce Nappy Waste or Washing
  • Reduce those ‘messy’ nappy changes
  • Diaper Rash? It’ll become a memory… and it’s FUN to Do!
  • Become Part Time Diaper Free While You Practice The Ancient Art of Elimination Communication (EC) or Infant Potty Training…
  • Your baby can be wearing a nappy for your peace-of-mind (as this will help you to relax), even though they don’t always use it.

It brings me great pleasure to introduce “Discover the 7 Secrets to Elimination Communication: Build Your EC Confidence With Ease!”, a free eBook by Charndra of TribalBaby.org.

The 7 Secrets to Elimination Communication provide a broad understanding of how EC works. They highlight those attitudes, approaches and strategies that will ensure you are heading in the right direction, a positive direction. Prepare yourself with the right mind-set. Baby potty training is all about your confidence!

A popular EC resource: Over 2500 people have discovered the 7 Secrets to Elimination Communication!

‘The 7 Secrets to Elimination Communication’ is a fun, ‘light’ introduction to the concept of Elimination Communication (or EC). Confidence and a positive and light approach is an essential and integral part of elimination communicaton, and I strongly believe that every parent having a go at EC should understand the gentle fundamental approaches behind a successful EC experience. Therefore, I would like to provide you with this eBook that you can download for free to give you this confidence wherever you are in your exploration of baby potty training.

There are 7 secrets, or lessons, each with valuable ideas for you to mull over as you discover what EC is really like. To see how it will be used within your family. Over 60 pages of resources for you to discover key information for success in your EC Journey.

Build Your EC Confidence With Ease!
Download my FREE eBook:

The 7 Secrets to Elimination Communication

Fun… Helpful… Inspirational!
“Charndra’s ‘7 Secrets’ is the perfect way to begin your EC journey, but also to give anyone a boost no matter what stage they are at with their baby and the whole process.
She has a way of making what sounds difficult, very do-able, and also stress-free…because with a little baby, who needs more stress? :0)”
– Shell, mother of three (youngest an EC baby), New Zealand.

Here’s an overview of topics covered in this free eBook:

  • 7 Secrets to Developing EC Confidence: These simple lessons underpin a positive EC experience.
  • 3 Key ideas for each ‘EC Secret’: Learn what each means in practice.
  • Easing into EC Tips: Simple strategies to get you started.
  • Changing Table Guides: Print out these summary pages to stick up over your baby’s change table as a helpful reminder of each ‘secret’.
  • Links to other helpful online resources: EC Forums, EC Stores, other resources are scattered throughout this helpful guide.
  • Additional bonus resources: Secret #1 for instance contains Potty Songs for you to sing with your baby or toddler as a fun additional resource, including 11 benefits to singing potty songs. (Great for you to read at any stage of potty learning actually.)

It is a free resource for you to download directly to your desktop. There is no obligation, not even to leave your email address. Please feel welcome to share it with friends and family or online.

Hi Charndra,
I found your 7 Secrets very encouraging – I did not know this approach was possible and I was sceptical that it would work, particularly as my son is over 1 year.
However, I have been amazed that we can save 3-4 nappies per day. I don’t mind accidents either, as I think that is better than my son learning to ‘go’ in his nappy. I have also noticed that he is starting to communicate before he ‘goes’.
Thank you for opening my eyes to this EC possibility.

Included With the 7 Secrets to Elimination Communication, You’ll Receive 10 Bonus Resources So You’ll Discover Even More About:

  • The Importance of Diaper Free Time…
  • Making your own Nappy Free Time ‘EC’ Mats…
  • How Baby Wearing Helps You to Use Less Diapers…
  • The Benefits of Singing! Potty Songs to sing with your baby…
  • Adventures in Baby Pottying: How parents just like you are doing part-time pottying…
  • How EC was ‘normal’ just two generations ago in the suburbs…
  • A Quick Start ‘Changing Table Guide’ for fun at pottying times…
  • ‘Easing into EC’ tips – each Secret contains an idea – a small way to begin your EC journey, to tap into your ‘EC senses’…
  • Other recommended resources for the family practicing EC.
  • Slowing Global Warming With Your Nappy Choices…

I’m including lots of bonus resources to ‘set the scene’ in your mind, so that you get an insight into the wide range of ways you can be more casual in your use of diapers as you reduce your total reliance on them, bit by bit, not being overwhelmed with information. Plus even more links to extra information you’ll want to know…

The 7 Secrets are the introductory section of my eBook ‘Part Time EC: A Personal Guide to Developing Your Elimination Communication Confidence’

Hi Charndra,
Just a quick hello from me and my baby girl (BB), 5 months. BB is getting the idea about toilet/poos/wees and nappy free. The summer is a great time to get more into nappy free at home.
She’s been an EC baby from birth and I’m very happy not to know what it’s like to have to change a pooey nappy. We have spent a lot of time with BB giving her pottitunities while singing her favourite songs/reading books and chatting.
She now says “Po” and it clearly means a number 2 is on the way. Now the communication is starting to flow in both directions and its all making sense.
Thanks for your amazing efforts in allowing parents access to information about EC. What a great resource and a relief for the planet.
Kind Regards, Sherilee in South Australia

Download your free eBook now and you’ll discover how practicing Elimination Communication can reduce the overall number of nappies you use as you have FUN with your baby. To download this free eBook, please click on the link below. Do share these insightful and practical tips with your friends, family or anybody who you think can make good use of it.

Discover the 7 Secrets to Elimination Communication FREE eBook

Download my FREE EC eBook:

The 7 Secrets to Elimination Communication

Build Your EC Confidence With Ease!

“Preparation, I have often said, is rightly two-thirds of any venture.” Amelia Earhart

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