Have You Discovered Your Elimination Communication Confidence?

My Part Time EC eBook

It brings me great pleasure to introduce my eBook ‘Part Time EC: A Personal Guide to Developing Your Elimination Communication Confidence’. In this book you will find 230 pages of EC resources, giving you the most insightful and practical tips.  Excellent help in becoming a diaper or nappy free family whether you are a parent just starting your EC experience or already exploring elimination communication…

Elimination Communication eBook

‘Part Time EC:

A Personal Guide to Developing Your Elimination Communication Confidence’

Discover How to Do ‘EC’ With This eBook About Elimination Communication…

Gain a closer awareness of your baby’s needs as you explore the ancient art and modern changes to Elimination Communication.

Let me tell you about the features and benefits of ‘Part Time EC: A Personal Guide to Developing Your Elimination Communication Confidence’:

If you want to use nappies more casually, only part-time, then this is the eBook for you!

Part Time EC: A Personal Guide to Developing Your Elimination Communication Confidence will give you all the ideas, tips and strategies you need to help you practice EC with confidence and ease. Far more than ‘Just take off their nappy and see what happens’. You want to know how to look, what to look for, when to offer the potty, how to offer a potty break, what to expect at different ages and stages…

Five Months Old - and Signalling to Use His Potty... your baby is just as clever - be sure of that! You can easily encourage your baby to be more pro-active in their communication with the ideas in this guide.

Included in the Part Time EC Ebook:

  • The 7 Secrets to Elimination Communication. 7 Secrets to practicing EC with humour, confidence and strategies for success: 65 pages of tips!
  • How to get started with your baby in 9 Stage by stage sections, each with 3 simple activities to try daily.
  • Tips, Strategies, Clues, Ideas and Reminders to help you skip those nappies…
  • Your Changing Table Guides: Key reminders to prompt you at the change table every visit.
  • Your Baby Watching Guides: Structured, yet simple guides to help you discover your baby’s signs…

230 Pages of EC Resources at Your Fingertips to Give You Practical Help With EC.

WOW…so easy and so fun! We started THIS WEEK…and in 5 days time has pooped in the potty at LEAST once a day, and peed several times a day in the toilet. (We have use so fewer diapers in just one week of trying this!)

She seems very excited and pleased with herself that she doesn’t have to sit in pee or poo. I could tell that she is excited about the potty and very ready for this.

This whole idea of EC makes so much sense…newborns make so much obvious noise and movement and facial expression when they are about to pee or poo, so why NOT take advantage of that to reduce the number of diapers we use! Anyhow…just wanted to say THANKS SO MUCH for putting together such a wealth of resources and info on EC. I wish more Americans practiced EC rather than waiting to potty train their kids at 2-3 years of age. ~Holly



Of course, there are extra resources included for free with your Part Time EC eBook!

4 Bonus EC Guides are included, each full of PRACTICAL tips and strategies, offering you even more value…

Elimination Communication: Preparing for EC with Your Baby
Preparing For EC With Your Baby

Key Tips for Getting Started and Organised to Practice EC…

  • How to prepare for a baby that will be using a potty with your help.
  • What do you need to consider when buying a potty?
  • What sort of clothing changes are beneficial to EC’ing?
  • This knowledge will make it easy!

Elimination Communication: Baby Led Pottying
Baby-Led Pottying

Simple Strategies to Help Guide Your Baby to Communicate Their Potty Needs…

  • How do you help your baby make connections to communicate?
  • 12 ‘EC Tools’ to give you clearer insights into helping your baby…
  • Easy to use checklists guide you step by step.


Elimination Communication and Travel
Elimination Communication and Travel

Strategies and Insights for Including EC in your Travelling plans…

  • MANY Strategies and tips to make travel super easy, including a checklist to ensure you consider everything.
  • Using less diapers on outings is both easier than you think, and more practical than full time nappies.

Overcoming Potty Pauses: Reconnecting Tips for Elimination Communication
Reconnecting Tips: Life Happens!

Find Helpful Tips and Strategies for Potty Pauses…

  • What if your baby is having a ‘Potty Pause‘ and balks at the potty?
  • How do you reconnect with your baby after hectic days?
  • What to do after a break in your practice of EC?
  • Inaction gives us a feeling of frustration; this helpful guide has over 55 practical tips.

It is AMAZING how communicative a baby can be when you listen!

Just a quick note to thank-you SO much for your wonderful wonderful resources. I have poured over every single inch of it and think it’s positively inspired stuff. We have an 11 week old baby boy, Lucien, who has taken to EC like a duck to water. It is AMAZING (as I’m sure you know) how communicative a baby can be when you listen! We have an almost 80% success rate at home without a diaper in sight. But most of all it has made me understand him and, I think, him me, so well. And I’m so proud of him! I can’t believe everyone doesn’t do this with their bubs. It makes me feel sorry for all those babies who cry out for a wee and then have to do it in their diaper, and eventually give up communicating. Charla and Lucien, Alice Springs, Australia.

More Recommendations about my Elimination Communication resources…

Elimination Communication eBook

Are you ready to begin your Adventure in Elimination Communication, to start pottying your baby?

The Age of the eBook is here!

“Part Time EC: A Personal Guide to Developing Your Elimination Communication Confidence”

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230 pages of resources will be yours to explore as you embark on the adventure of Elimination Communication with your baby… Part Time EC: A Personal Guide to Developing Your Elimination Communication Confidence is an eBook for maximum ease of access and the minimal impact on the environment of a digital product. It is presented in a standard .PDF so you can read it anywhere. Once your small payment is received you will be given access to download the eBook.

I sincerely hope that this book will encourage you to increase your confidence in your communication with your baby. I also believe that you will discover many creative ideas and clever insights through this eBook. It will help you.

– Charndra Josling

My husband is especially pleased – he was dreading pooey diapers – we very rarely have any.

I thought I’d write and tell you what EC means to us………
For our family EC has opened up a whole new world. I stumbled across the concept in a parenting magazine while I was pregnant and though that sounds like too much work, but couldn’t get it out of my mind. I had already decided I was using cloth diapers and had made them ready to go….I had to use them after all that work.
But EC made sense. Conventional Toilet Training doesn’t when you think about it, so I thought I’d give it a go and if it saved one nappy a day that would be great.
I had no idea that at 16 months my little boy would hardly be wearing nappies, and we would have so few messy nappies to clean.
My husband is especially pleased as he was dreading pooey nappies, and we very rarely have any.
Through EC we found out about baby sign language, attachment parenting, extended breastfeeding, and many other parenting choices that I hadn’t heard of. I’m so pleased as we weren’t happy with what everyone else was telling us to do.
So thank goodness for EC, your resource is great.
Nicole, in Australia

Charndra Josling, Wearing Baby Jett in Canberra

P.S. I’m Charndra, the creator of this eBook on EC. I Love Practicing EC! I enjoy it so much as such a natural way of life that I’ve created this website to help you share the EC experience within your family.

Remember, whether you practice it part time, full time or occasionally, or even simply while your baby is in the ‘in arms’ stage, have fun, focus on the enjoyment of connecting with your baby in a gentle and loving way. Best of all is the thrill of shared communication with your sweet baby. That’s what EC is really all about.

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