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Elimination Communication Stores

Elimination Communication StoresElimination Communication Stores

– Making Elimination Communication Easier  With a Directory of Online Shops that Sell EC Gear.

There are now many types of EC clothing available to add to your convenience – designed and made by parents who have practiced EC, so they know what you need for easier potty breaks and puddle prevention! Special potties too.

Go EC Shopping: Below is a directory of online shops that design and make, or offer specialist clothing and EC gear to visitors. Have a browse and get inspired!

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Find effective and funky EC pants (Training pants), EC Mats, Split Crotch Pants, Baby Potties, Baby Leggings, Specialist EC Nappies / Diapers and Modern Cloth options by browsing at these stores – and lots of other cool things as well.

NB: Shops are based in many different countries, a few different languages too. I’ll continue to expand this directory as new shops come online – you can see EC is quite world-wide! I’ve put where most are based so you can choose a more local supplier for reduced costs and carbon impact. Or look for your favourite products at a more local supplier – or ask them to stock it for you and others!


EC Wear: Convenient Clothes for Elimination Communication


Visit Bongo Baby Based in Australia


Visit Continuum Family Based in Canada
For 10% off your first order, put in the discount code CP0162 (That’s a zero) when you place your order at The Continuum Family:  Simply enter the code once when you create your customer account and again at checkout to claim your 10% discount.


Visit the DiaperFreeBaby Shop Based in the USA


Visit Ditto Daddy Based in the USA


Visit EC Wear Based in the USA


Visit EcaWare Baby Based in the USA

Based in France. Click on ‘Hygiene Naturelle’ in the menu. Check out the drop-flap soakers ‘culottes’ and training ‘sarouels’. Fabulous!


Visit Mamaroo Based in the USA


Visit Mummysmilk Based in Singapore


Visit Mokoshop The EC Store of Europe


Visit Noonee Wilga Based in Australia


Visit Natural Mother – Based in the UK


Visit Simple Simon Baby


Visit Tadpoles and Butterflies Based in Canada


Visit The EC Store Based in the USA


Visit The Potty Shop Based in Australia


Visit Wonder Baby Designs

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