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The Potty Pause in Elimination Communication – Life Happens: Reconnecting Tips

Overcoming Potty Pauses: Reconnecting Tips for Elimination CommunicationA ‘Potty Pause’ in Your Elimination Communication. What to do…

Are you experiencing a ‘potty pause’ with your baby?

How can you overcome it, or as in cultures traditionally practicing EC, simply not get all worried about it?

Find out more by learning about my guide to ‘reconnecting’ to your EC senses:

Life Happens: Reconnecting Tips


This helpful guide with over 50 strategies to explore when you encounter a ‘potty pause’. Strategies that have been discovered by many mothers before you, shared with you. This guide is just one part of my eBook on Elimination Communication which contains 230 pages of helpful resources.

Are you experiencing a ‘potty pause’ with your baby? Is your toddler refusing to use the toilet or the potty? Does it feel like there is a potty strike going on?

– you are sure to find something helpful in this comprehensive guide: Life Happens: Reconnecting Tips

You will receive this unique 18 page guide with over 50 ways to help you and your baby or toddler re-connect when life gets in the way of your EC connection as a bonus part of my eBook on Elimination Communication:  Discover More about My Ebook about Elimination Communication…

Life Happens. It stuffs up ‘Perfect EC’ – that’s because there is no such thing. You haven’t stuffed it all up somehow, it’s not that EC doesn’t ‘work’ – it is just part of your unique journey.

Everyone experiences these bumps in the road to independence – you *know* that – kids are erratic beings and have their own paths. A ‘potty pause’ can be most frustrating, bewildering, confusing and even aggravating! (Don’t take it personally…)

BUT – Don’t Panic – there are things for you to consider, ideas that might just ‘ring bells’ for your own situation and help you both with the insights and strategies and attitude you need.

You Are Not Alone.

By reading my guide, my wish is that you’ll realise a pause can be recognised as a stage that will pass in time… as something that lots of kiddies go through… as a blip related to a particular cause that you can manage… as something essentially unrelated to EC – and more about confidence or diet or stress…

  • Do you feel like you are losing your connection with your crawling baby or toddler?
  • That you are going backwards and are hearing ‘No’ followed by wet pants or a puddle?
  • Feeling a bit lost after having to rely on nappies for a while, and now it seems your child is happy to continue to do so – despite practicing EC together happily for months?
  • Have you had a new baby and the older sibling seems to have lost their awareness?
  • Does your toddler seem to be completely oblivious to their body all of a sudden?

Take a deep breath – many families have been there before you and there are heaps of ways forward. Over 55 of them are in this guide… Reconnecting tips, insights, strategies…

How do you reconnect with your baby after hectic days, after baby has been in childcare, or if baby is having a ‘potty pause’? What if you are simply ‘out of synch’? Once baby becomes mobile, often there are changes to be made in your communication. Some simple ideas can put your mind at ease.

Strategies to consider, from what to do if your newborn cries at a potty op, to how to help your toddler develop their confidence in independently using the potty, to how to reconnect when a new baby comes along…

All the ideas are done with your help, which is what they need. All the different ideas have helped other EC’ing families –  several may help you…

This is the only guide specifically about what to do if you encounter a ‘potty pause’ and it will give you the confidence to help your baby or toddler (and yourself!) through it.

Together, with respect, communication and confidence.

    Inaction gives us a feeling of frustration; this helpful guide has over 55 practical tips. The idea you need may be a few clicks away!

Discover More about My Elimination Communication eBookPart Time EC: A Personal Guide to Developing Your Elimination Communication Confidence…

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