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Elimination Communication: The Importance of Nappy Free Time.

Elimination Communication: The Importance of Nappy Free Time.

Nappy Free Time is the simplest way to develop your Elimination Communication awareness – and it is easy to do every day.

It is the number one way parents practicing EC begin to reduce their use of nappies – you probably already do it: turn it into a learning experience as well..

Babies love diaper free time. It is very important to their development to have the free wheeling experience of moving their bodies without clothing barriers, and it’s great fun.

Remember these nine simple ways to make a ‘flat nappy’ or Nappy Free Time Mat to boost your confidence in having your baby diaper-less. You’ll know your surfaces will be dry – and baby isn’t confined in a nappy.

Six reasons why Nappy-Free Time is Important:

The Importance of Diaper Free Time – Airing Sensitive Little Bottoms:

Babies that rapidly develop redness or rashes from reactions to chemicals in diapers, in wipes, in detergents, or from ammonia irritating their skin due to their waste, from a bacterial infection or from simply too much heat and moisture in a diaper will soon benefit from Nappy- Free time. Air and sunlight will help the skin with a chance to heal. Some babies have very sensitive skin, and practicing EC is how their families avoid the painful condition. Breast milk applied as a lotion is chock full of protective and healing properties, too.

The Importance of Nappy Free Time – Leg Kicking and Full Skin Sensation:

Babies love kicking their free legs unencumbered by a nappy; they get to explore full movement possibilities and feel sensations over all their skin as they flap their arms and legs, feel textures and temperatures over ALL of their skin. Their skin is their largest sensory organ, and they learn volumes from touch every day.

The Importance of Diaper Free Time – Back and Belly Time Balance:

Time on their bellies is very important to aid normal development of their back and abdominal muscles. EC naturally aids this as they gain experience and practice in consciously using their various muscle groups. They get regular practice building their upper body strength ready for mobility. This is why it is useful to find a balance between back and belly time. Time in a sling is another way to facilitate this exercise for baby, as they are constantly adjusting their muscles for balance. Using waterproof mats to protect surfaces from wetness are a good idea, you can see the custom made varieties in the EC shopping directory. Mats also protect baby from cold or hard surfaces, are easy to chuck in the wash too.

The Importance of Nappy Free Time – Elimination Awareness:

Obviously, if baby feels themselves weeing, sees the liquid emerging, notices the warmth, they are learning what it feels like AS they go, and begin recognising what it’s like before they go. By using your cue sound when you happen to notice them weeing, it will also help to draw their attention to the sensations, developing their internal elimination awareness. This helps them to know when to communicate their approaching need so you can help them, knowing you are attempting to do this each day.

The Importance of Diaper Free Time – Noticing Baby’s Patterns and Rhythms of Elimination:

Nappy free time can help you to gain a clearer understanding of baby’s patterns of elimination. When they are on a waterproof surface that will quickly wick moisture away from their body as well as keep your carpet dry, you can RELAX and observe openly.

The Importance of Nappy Free Time – Sign Spotting and Confidence Building:

As you are hanging around with your diaper-free baby, using your cue sound when they happen to wee, you’ll be more attuned to the whole picture of their behaviour, noticing what they were doing before they did a tinkle. Experience will naturally build this picture, close focused observation will help, even doing it occasionally. As baby is without the nappy, you can respond easily to possible signs, building your relationship of trust and EC confidence.

What does regular diaper free time mean overall?

• Less time in a nappy, meaning less chance of diaper rashes.

• More time for baby to be in tune with the rhythms of their body.

• Plenty of opportunities to use your cue sound or words to help baby recognise their body’s sensations.

• Many chances to observe baby’s signals before eliminating so you can respond to them, building baby’s trust to continue using that signal.

• A key way to strike a balance between back and belly time, particularly if baby doesn’t spend regular time in a sling.

Here Are 7 Suggestions For Finding Times For A Spot Of Nappy Freedom;

1. As you run baby’s bath
2. After taking off sleeping clothes, before dressing
3. When baby is happy for a bit of floor time by the window
4. After a poop.
5. For a time after a nappy is removed
6. During baby massage
7. When lounging in bed together on a weekend or day at home

As you can see, anytime is fine -simply consider warmth, surface protection and some relaxed, uninterrupted time (when that is possible with a family…)

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