Have You Discovered Your Elimination Communication Confidence?

Preparing For Elimination Communication With Your Baby…

Preparing For Elimination Communication With Your Baby…

Preparing For EC With Your Baby

10 Key Tips for Getting Started and Organised to Practice EC with Your Baby…

  • How to prepare for having a baby that will be doing Part Time EC.
  • What do you need to consider when buying a potty?
  • What sort of clothing changes are beneficial to EC’ing?
  • This knowledge will make it easy!

This helpful guide with takes you on an exploration of 10 key areas of preparing for practicing elimination communication.

Strategies that have been discovered by many mothers before you, are now shared with you. This guide is just one part of my eBook on Elimination Communication which contains over 200 pages of helpful resources.

You want to skip the experiementing with what does and doesn’t work stage, to build on from  the experiences of those mothers who have ‘been there, done that? Well, you are sure to find heaps of those helpful tips in this comprehensive guide:  Preparing For EC With Your Baby

You will receive this unique 18 page guide with 10 helpful ways to help you get ready to practice elimination communication with ease and confidence! This helpful guide is a bonus included with my eBook on Elimination Communication:  Discover More about My Ebook about Elimination Communication…

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