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Secret # 7 to Elimination Communication

Secret # 7 to Elimination Communication: Get Started, and Keep Learning.

In this secret you will discover how to access support on your EC journey, and that a key insight is to see EC as a gradual process, an integrated part of your lifestyle as you begin reducing your reliance on diapers.

When I first learnt of elimination communication, I was instantly intrigued, and knew it was something I wanted to do with my baby. Are you the sort of person who strives to learn more, to gain wisdom?

“The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand.”
Frank Herbert

I wanted to learn everything I could about connecting with our baby through an elimination communication relationship. It was such an avenue for greater awareness and an enhanced bond of understanding between us. Plus, it is not all that simple, even though it is in essence extremely simple to do. There is a lot to absorb and understand to be able to integrate this ancient practice into your modern lifestyle. Learning the keys (The 7 Secrets) make it much easier – you know then how usual ‘misses’ are in the process, and understand the many ways to ensure those ‘misses’ don’t become ‘messes’, and know how important it is to relax and be light-hearted about the entire thing. Building your personal knowledge and understanding, your own unique experience of elimination communication will help you.

Here are 3 Suggestions For What To Do Next;

Be Relaxed. EC is a journey.

“The journey not the arrival matters.” T. S. Eliot.

EC is more like a gradual marathon than a focused sprint. Decide to be in it for the long run, supporting your baby to achieve toilet independence in a gentle unfolding way, in their own time, rather than a sprint to the finish at some point at which society decides they should be ‘trained’, several years and thousands of nappy changes from now.


Imagine moving from full-time diaper use to part-time nappy-free confidence, then diaper freedom at the right time for you and your baby. You can minimise (and at times eliminate) the need for nappies, and yet still use them at other times as is necessary – but it is your choice, no longer something you have no choice over.

You’ll have an increasing understanding of your baby, rather than seeing them as a being with no control over their bodies at all for years. In time you will gain much intrinsic skill as you make this almost-lost knowledge your own once again.

Get Started.

You can get started in building your own knowledge of elimination communication. Use nappy-free time as an avenue to commit to developing your diaper-free confidence. It is probably something you already do, and see the importance of, so that is the perfect way to begin. Spend an hour each day with baby nappy-free on a mat, and do nothing other than make a cue sound, such as ‘sss’ or ‘wee wee’ when they do a widdle on the mat. This is enough to begin, to help them to notice what their body is doing – an important aspect of elimination communication, keeping them in tune with their own body awareness. Notice if they make any noises or facial expressions as they go.

You can learn from other parents.

Joining online communities is a helpful way to find people who you can chatter about elimination communication with. Or start a thread on your favourite forum about using diapers part time – people are often curious. You’d be doing me a great favour by sharing my eBook, The 7 Secrets to Elimination Communication if they are curious.

Share what you discover with others.

You can share what will soon become your own unique knowledge about your baby and be able to inspire others with your stories. Know that you will experience triumphs and challenges in your journey – these are the times when connecting with other parents who share your enthusiasm and interest in EC becomes invaluable and reassuring. It is also pretty easy to spark people’s interest, and before you know it there may be a community of part-time diaper-free people around you.

Discover More: How to Get the Most Out Of An EC Forum

Always remember EC is a way of helping your baby to learn and grow as you connect with them, striving to enhance the relationship that will endure into the future. Have FUN as you practise connecting daily with your baby. Practising EC with your baby is a practical and positive way to enhance your bond, benefit the Earth and boost your budget.

The 7 Secrets. Remember them. They’ll give you a refresher and general tune up if:

• You are having ‘a Rainy Day’,
• You are experiencing PMS, aka ‘Pee Miss Syndrome’ (yes, they are often related),
• Your ‘Baby Radar is on the Fritz’,
• Your ‘Potty Sense’ has gone out the window,
• Your baby is going through some sort of phase resulting in a ‘potty pause’
• You need to reconnect after a break or setback in your EC practice.

So, remember Secret #7: Get Started and Keep Learning.

Easing Into EC Tip # 7: Give Yourselves 3 Months…

It’s all new to you and your baby. Give yourselves three months, from whenever you start, to get a handle on this EC thing. Three months to practice and anticipate, make great catches together as well as get frustrated at other times. Keep going, it will get clearer by three months, that you’ll definitely not be using nappies 100% of the time.

So, be light-hearted, be easy on yourself – as baby grows, so will your ‘baby radar’ and ‘potty sense’.

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you’ll never cease to grow.”
Anthony J. D’Angelo

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