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Sleep Sharing: Sleeping with baby safely in your bed…

Sleep Sharing: Sleeping with baby safely with you in bed.

We slept with our baby from birth, a wonderful experience, a traditional practice. The easy way to avoid night time battles. There are many reasons to consider this option that make caring for a new baby easier for both Mum, Dad and baby. It enhances bonding and is simply so snuggly.

Sleep Sharing:

What is it?

Sleep sharing is a form of co-sleeping. It is having the baby sleeping in bed with baby’s parents. It is so cool. It is how babies are designed sleep, it supports longer duration of nightly breastfeeding, and so breastfeeding in general, and supports easier night care of baby, and better sleep for parents. Babies who sleep with their mothers take in three times as much breast milk during the night as do isolated babies, thus enjoying a more natural nutritional and immune support pattern.

The bosom of the mother is the natural pillow of her offspring
Dr Conquest, 1848.


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