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Discover Elimination Communication to Use Less Diapers! Day 14 of the Hunt.

About Tribal Baby: Discover Elimination Communication to Use, Buy and Wash Less Diapers! Day 14 of the Hunt.

This is a copy of the posts in my hunters thread.

Day 14 of the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt:

Hello Hunters!

322 hunters have claimed the Tribal Baby Icon. I think I have made it a little easier lately; although I thought it was easy to begin with!

Today I’m highlighting a popular resource all put together by contributions from mothers! Find many Potty Songs to sing with your baby, tot, toddler or any child when it’s toilet time!

Potty Songs for Elimination Communication


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Elimination Communication: Potty Songs to Sing With Your Baby!

POTTY SONGS: Making Elimination Communication Easier.

Singing fun songs and rhymes is a popular activity to add to your ‘potty breaks’. I love them! They are FUN! They can become another tool for your EC Toolbox.

Read on for great inspiration for EC Songs, Ditties, Rhymes and Cheers!

“When a thing is funny, search it carefully for a hidden truth.”

George Bernard Shaw (1856 – 1950)

Consider these 12 likely benefits of singing potty songs and using potty cheers:

  1. Helps your baby to relax to go, your warm friendly voice is soothing…
  2. Keeps baby, (and you) entertained as baby does their business…
  3. Aids you in being ‘mindful’; living in the moment with your child…
  4. Assists in helping your baby transition from when they signal a need until arriving at the potty place, (on the way to the bathroom!)
  5. A bright and interactive cue, reminding them it is potty time, letting you know if they start to sing it, even being a ‘sound’ reminder if you notice signs they need to go and want to draw attention to the potty in a subtle way to encourage self-initiation.
  6. Helps others – siblings, grandparents & carers assist baby with ease as baby relaxes with and knows the songs are for fun…
  7. Offers your child appropriate language to recognise and later communicate their need to go…
  8. An opportunity to practise sign language with the songs…
  9. A modelling activity you can do with toys to practice toilet skills.
  10. Makes going to the toilet (and simply EC’ing) a normal everyday activity with your bright positive approach…
  11. A way to add interest and cooperative play to avoid or minimize a potty pause.
  12. A celebration of your connection when yet another pee goes in the pot!

WOW! I’ll bet you are keen to increase your singing, so here’s some inspiration to get you going:

Potty Songs for Making Elimination Communication Easier!

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