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The ‘Potty Pause’ in Elimination Communication. What to do.

The ‘Potty Pause’ in Elimination Communication. What to do.

Are you experiencing a ‘potty pause’ with your baby?

How can you overcome it, or as in cultures traditionally practicing EC, simply not get all worried about it?

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Keep in Mind:

Don’t panic – a change is not a bad habit.

A quote I found on The Natural Child Project was really helpful in making me realise that his not cooperating on occasion wasn’t the start of the dreaded ‘potty pause’. It also supports my commitment to cue-feeding, nursing to sleep, sleep sharing, all those things ‘people’ say “he’ll never stop that if you don’t stop it early!” They are just needs, and that is why they work so well when you respond to them.

I read this frequently:

For some strange reason we tend to think that to satisfy a child’s need is to make it into an unbreakable habit, where in truth the exact opposite is true.

When our children develop a “good” habit, one that suits us, we are afraid it is not going to last. But when our children develop a “bad” habit, one that does not suit us, we are afraid it is going to last forever.

Children should be given the credit that, provided the home environment is healthy, they will mature. As each need is fulfilled at each stage, they will move on and become more mature.

It will be found that one phase passes into another, and another, and another. Please trust that in a sound surrounding the child will graduate from each stage of development.” Tine Thevenin
The Natural Child Project

The swinging door of progress

Children’s development doesn’t progress in a straight line, leaving a previous behaviour behind a closed door. The door swings as they move back and forth through it as they learn, exploring unfamiliar territory, and going back to what is safer or familiar. (discussed in “Diaper Free!“)

This analogy about how children develop has also been helpful during this stage, so I realise he doesn’t just learn a new skill and keep it, he tries it out, experiments with it for a while, does a few variations of it until he adopts it and drops an earlier stage.

“There is no spoon” – be flexible.

We went with the “There is no spoon” or “There is no potty pause” approach, and determined to adapt to changes (to bend like the spoon in The Matrix) as needed. It is often said potty pauses do not occur in other cultures . In fact, they do, but the parents simply do not get worried over them – they continue offering, other places, until baby again is happy at offers.

I believe anything is temporary, not a developing bad habit. I believe he wants to cooperate and to stay dry.  It is my job to help him learn when he needs to go and to help him relax if necessary so he goes in the appropriate places, not in his clothes, as this makes him upset. Any changes signalled new developments physically or mentally, and reflected different needs on his part, usually more body contact, help relaxing, or help with pain relief. And believing there is no such phenomenon as a potty ‘pause’ or ‘strike’ – EC practice just continues.

Believing this as a true fact has helped me adapt and persevere as necessary through changes in Maven’s behaviour – and things have continued, and also improved!  I’m sure there will be fun times ahead, but that is what this journey is about – change! Trusting his own awareness, to signal clearly, even if it later meant an accident, was OK. Part of his natural learning. He also needs to learn how long he can wait before weeing, as well as being able to wee small amounts when given the opportunity.

Find out more by learning about my guide to ‘reconnecting’ to your EC senses:

Life Happens: Reconnecting Tips


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